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Internet: Social Network 1

Part II

Okay, so here.. my first fan art of Social Network. Maybe there are a lot of fanart about Social Network, but what make my version different than anyone is, i made this based from my side-view "what if Internet, and Computer not Invented?" and how will they look if they are life (maybe in anime world perhaphs). there are (From left)Youtube, Blogger, Wikipedia, Amazon, Deviantart, 4Square, and Tumblr.
i have some in mind later that will be post in Deviantart.
and let me introduce to you all of this guys

Youtube, a guy who loved to capture any moment he see throught his old video camera. he dream to become a director that can put all genre of video in one movie.always show a weird face when he look a moment, but actually he is good-looking
he also have a step-sister, but always reject to meet his step sister. Because he say it emberassing, usually Youtube loved to share his video to all his friend.

Blogger, Son of the Google. he is a writer, making a fiction story that include himself as a main character. but that book never finished because he have no inspiration for what he will write on that book, usually spend his time in his room or as he called it "Inspire Office" with a candle and without lighter. he is ginger, love to use turtle-neck shirt

Wikipedia, a librariant, she is geeky-looking, but hot and she is shy but she have a impressive knowledge. she almost know all thing in this world, her hairpin shape as "W" known for her initial Wikipedia. she really hate when someone really "use" her and not say thanks or something. sometimes she want punch every people who do that

Amazon, a delivery guy, loved to deliver package on time to people in the world. for him package is his life, his goal, his dream. When in highschool he known as "fastest kid" since he break a record in track club

Deviantart, dedicated his live to art, have a Big Passions in Art, even somehow his artwork don't look good or even he himslef can't get what he draw. But for him as long as you happy when you do it, its enough

4Square, the traveller. big guy from east who have a goal to travel the world to get all badgets. he can't live in any condition and since he decide to stop smoking, he change his smoke into a leaf just to make his teeth not feel empty

tumblr, an innocent, she still in elementary but she love to write note and put a drawing/picture what she love in her noteboard at home. She hope that one day, everything she put on her board would come true. its like she put her dream on it so she is motivated, she loved to ask a thing she don't know to Wikipedia <3


feel free to say what SN do you want, i may take some of request xD
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