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Daleks, and Atlantis
Ok, Begin with the Randomness
It’s time for a random thought!
you know balls in fairy tales and whenever some goes in they announce their name and station
do you think they announce the first people there, even though the room is like totally empty?

Probably. I mean... it gets to be a force of habit after how many ever balls they get through one a night!
it's a funny though these posh people being announced to an empty room
Well, they're posh... I don't think they care as long as they get announced. Besides... don't the really posh people arrive 'fashionably late'?
What IS fashionably late?
I mean when does it just become late?

Being 'fashionably late' tis only something the 'Popular' peoples get away with... I don't think the 'Unpopulus' can
Either that or it's just a dodgy excuse
If trailer parks didn't exist would tornadoes exist? You always hear of tornadoes running through trailer parks....

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Broken - Part 13
“I’m sorry” he murmured in her ear before she was gone, racing the shadows. Less than a second later Carla was stood on a beach under the warm Greek Sun, Zakynthos. She recognised it as the beach they had spent the day on a week earlier. She felt anger rise within her, how dare he! She thought
“How Dare He! How. Dare. He!” she screamed at the sky. Up and down, left and right across the beach she stalked muttering to herself about how he had no right to just send her away like that, as if she were some kind of doll he could discard under the assumption she was too fragile to be in that situation. She stopped mid stride as she remembered how it felt as he had fixed his gaze upon her the feeling of being invaded, she shuddered and sat down in the middle of the beach, head titled back as she watched the cloudless pure blue sky above her. Ten minutes late she was torn out of her day dream by an agonized moan. Her head darted left as she saw Reikon sprawled on
:iconriver-of-fire:River-Of-Fire 1 7
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This regular news article promises to make you giggle, chortle, and laugh your ass off.
Every edition will feature a collection of the funniest chat network quotes.
dAmnIt! is a database of funny quotes submitted by deviants like you.
When something funny happens in a chatroom, share it with everyone! It only takes a few clicks, and while you're there browse through all the other hilarious quotes!
Feel free to note me with suggested dAmnIt! quotes to go into the next edition.
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Interview with ^azarath and ^Damaged927
Since joining the site I've become very involved with the Anime & Manga galleries, submitting my own work, reporting miscats, suggesting DDs and getting to know the Gallery Directors for these galleries.
I decided I wanted to know a little more about them and their work for the site and their own interests in the anime genres, so here I bring you my interview with azarath and Damaged927!

First things first, what got you interested in anime?
azarath: When I saw some random anime movies on the Cartoon Network, when it first came on, back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.
Damaged927: Drinking and lots of it :nod: Ha Ha, I’m kidding, kind of ^^;  I was in college and I went home for the weekends my first semester but all my stuff was a school so I would sleep on the couch at home.  One night after a nigh at the pub with my buddy I got home, plopped down on the couch and turned on Adult Swim and caught the last 1
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Manga and Anime Community Choice Volume 4!

Community Choice?
This is a bi-weekly article put out by yours truly using your features!  The concept is a great one, you select 3-5 deviations that you think are fantastic (not daily deviations, you can select an artist that has had one, but not the daily deviation), do a write up about why it is amazing (about a paragraph) and send me a note with your selections!  Its that easy and a great way to show off some pieces that you are absolutely in love with!  Of course, Manga and Anime only for me :D
Want to know more or Manga and Anime is not your thing?  No worries!  Just go to the journal hub for all things Communtiy Choice!
Now for the part you have all be waiting for... the features!
:icongatogirl12345:gatogirl12345's Choices!

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Fish. 42....... Fish. =)
United Kingdom
:above: Yes, I'm finally back (if only for a day)

My goodness, it's been a while (only since December 09) since I checked this! Luckily, there are no full inboxes; I see that things have been 'stacked' in the message centre!

Haha... well, I found some time inbetween self-pity and sheer work to check the internets.

Work? Inbetween Quantum Mechanics and Electromagnetism, I've had my work cut out. And then Thermal/Statistical Physics, Programming, Lab... Honestly, it's been a pain. Not even enough time to read manga. (T.T)

Self-pity? Put it this way; I'm single again, and she visited. Big mistake... ^^;
Admittedly, I've been moping. And being more zombie-like than usual - not even getting Pokemon HeartGold made me any happier about what happened (although it did help me feel marginally better)...

Anyways, I'm going to be working on physics, and hopefully I can do some more art/writing in what little time I have. So far; I've been writing scraps of "This is the Story of a Girl". Yes, scraps. I have a beginning, an end, but no middle. And what I have for the middle is dragging on and on and on...

So yeah. I'm going to empty my inbox, possibly reading and replying to things before I have something to eat!
Honestly, though.

I won't be on for a while (think years). I think that this year, I may have to do resits, because Quantum is a bitch. And then next year... *shudders*

So yeah. Good luck with everything you want to do!
See you... sometime!


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shiropanda Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010
Thank you for the :+fav: i really appreciate it :blowkiss: !
Btw, nice dress at your deviant ID, the bodice is stunning :)
weresoul Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009

I love your avatar XD
HaKurama Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009
hehe Thanks. =3
weresoul Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2009
you welcome ^///^
GirlWithAHat Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Hey you! :wave:
You've been convicted of being a member of =AllAboutTheChocolate. Did you know they are holding a contest at the moment and haven't gotten any entries yet? You have three days left to get your creative juices flowing and create a chocolate monster in any medium you prefer.
Please don't let the club die! :please:
HaKurama Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
Aah, sorry. I haven't been on in a while. ^^;
GirlWithAHat Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Aww, that's sad. But you can vote for the winners now. :D
lil-tiger-x Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009
Hello !!!
happy birthday to you!!!!!
new school yr now of year 11!!! dun dun DUH hehe its going quite well minus alllllll the homework. hows 2nd year of uni going??
guess what --- MANGA CLUB HAS BEEN RESTARTED :D (by chris taylor!!!!!) its really gr8 to have it back! were in L5 (his form room) its really fun old manga club was better though but its still veryy cool and lizzie is over the moon about it :D its a bit smaller than the old version but its still oragainesd chaos. we spent the first session mainly caramelldaning XD and it just gets more insane ^^ its mainly all me and lizzies crazy lot (theres a whole army of us now its awsome) and a few other less crazyer people!!! hope you have a great day :D
we all miss you much
and happy happy birthday (again!!)
HaKurama Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
Aah, sorry, I haven't been on dA in a looooooooong while.

OMG! Yay! I has a legacy. Enjoy it!
lil-tiger-x Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
Heheehe no worries :D

yes im honoured to know the famous chritine :D:D:D:D^_^^_^^_^^_^^_^

guess what question i got for a pratise for mon english????

i famous describe yourself question XD (your priovous ansewr was refrencsed!!!)

ive done my math gsce!!! and i have 1 eng lang down and one to go!!

proms comming up too me and liz are going for the heck of it!

oh and NEW MOON IN 10 days :D which is much more exiting :D
HaKurama Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2009
lol I appear to have left a permanent legacy at Sandon!

haha I hope you wrote it well. XD

Ooh, you're getting through them, then. Good luck!

hehe Prom. Yes, go, enjoy yourselves. Dance and play tricks on the others. (That's what I did, anyway.)

New Moon! The wolves look cool. =3
(1 Reply)
Red-Productions Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2009  Student General Artist
Hehehe, your icon is pure win
HaKurama Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009
*bows* Why, thank you. =3
Red-Productions Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2009  Student General Artist
Your welcome
lucysanatomy Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2009
Hi! Thanks for the :+fav:!
HaKurama Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2009
No problem! =)
Ennokni Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2009
Hey thanks for suggesting my thing for the Daily Deviation. That was just so down-right nice of you.
HaKurama Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2009
No problem. I just thought it deserved it. =)
lil-tiger-x Featured By Owner May 17, 2009
yup im good
we have all just finshed mocks
still got history (acttual) to go
and a ton of coursework but i bet u got more
i love your new signiture ^-^
HaKurama Featured By Owner May 22, 2009
Ah, mocks. I didn't like them either.

lol A little more work. Just sheets handed in every week.
I have exams, too. Pretty much June = Exams.
On the other hand, I start my summer in July. =D

hehe Thanks. I got a little bored with my old one, and thought I'd change. lol It may change again soon, if I can find something good to put in it!
Carthoris Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009
Thank you for the Head Desk stamp favourite add. :bow:
HaKurama Featured By Owner May 8, 2009
No problem. =D
toyotaTRD Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2009  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks for the :+fav: :) :)
HaKurama Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2009
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