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Selling with high price

Art work JIN KAZAMA (TEKKEN 6) it's about to begin

Jin: hahahha, what thinking himself ? buying me with high price ? :mwahaha:

Work woman: '.' ""

papers: bring me JIN KAZAMA, I'll buy him a high price :devilish:

Edite: it's my honor to submit this art work ! I like it so much it's make me laugh with jin.

I'm gonna print it and show it in my room XD

Don't contest with me on JIN >: )
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This picture is drawn so good, what a talented artist. Please make more.
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I think it's from Jin's prologue, why, Hakupa drew it???
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Ohh! I love it! I love how his face looks slightly evil
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work lady: thinking "work in a successful with a hot boss -thats younger then me-.....see the world.....yeah right.....please I just let me work for that stupid Gecko again..."
JinKazamasLady's avatar
I always Love his style :aww: how ever or what ever it is ^.^

sorry i didnt saw your Q , so i answer it here ^_^ .
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@0@ " devil jin '_______'!

he.. not cute @@

AA.. i mean.. not angel @0@"
JinKazamasLady's avatar
Errmm one question .. what do you mean with

"Don't contest with me on JIN >: ) "

? = D who the hell make contest with you honestly ?? Lemme know = D .
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Don't worry it's not u :D

some people i know who's they !
if they saw me Made a SIG for jin for me, they try to both me and made SIG or something like that for jin and say : I like him !!, they didn't know anything about jin and didn't play Tekken series!

they just like him after saw me made for jin many Images videos add news :D..
they are out DA ^_^

Sure not u :) you are not like.
I hope u understanding me !

Do u like jin with this style :) ?
JinKazamasLady's avatar
then i am relieved :D . because i hate this kind of things . to fight for game characters is so dumb ... they are NOT REAL ! dont need to hurt ppl heart for something that not exist . xD then they must be very very dumb !
I know some ppl who send me messeges like " stay away from jin , he is mine ! " or " dont take my jin away ! " ... goodness ! how dump and WTF ! I just laugh about this things ... I love jin more then 11 years and when someone come to me and said i love him since i am 7 or 8 i swear to God its a great lie ! A child dont love this way ! its maybe like . They make it just to make thioer self importend and abuse it . Its always better to be honest because lies and being wannabees always brings bad days and no luck in it .... what ever i dont care these kind of ppl anymore , not worth to spend my precious time on them . I have better things to do .

Tekken is my pleasure since 1996 tekken 2 :P .

All Fans can like him , love him or WTF who ever they love . Its ok . Everybody is free in his acting . Noone have the right to say you cannot love him or her .

what ever I am offline , Byee
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Sure not u :) you are not like him !
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he sort of looks like the papers just fell off his hand.
He was going to be all "BWAHAHAHAAA! I knew he would do this, everything's going exactly as I planned!" But the papers fell and now he's "Are you playing games with me!? These aren't important documents, this is my hand! it kind of looks like a bunny when I do this" *does the bunny with hand* "HAHAAHAAA! It's so funny ^^"

Secretary: "...."
Tekkensennin's avatar
I need to know where you got this, in a form of a link please?
Mo0nfall's avatar

om nom nom sexiest outfit EVAH owns.... :icondroolplz:
ScionChibi's avatar
I löove his new side :love:
realyl well done :nod:
Hakupa's avatar
yes he must be Awesome !!
wait more from artwork
ScionChibi's avatar
yeahhhhhh I hope so, too, also for new CGs :)
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I really liked this art work =3 after you bring the one of dragunov >:)
Hakupa's avatar
If i have it I'll submit it for u :D
thanks for comment :)
ReDante's avatar
kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ xDD I hope you have it ;p

you're welcome :meow:
Agent-Monkey-9's avatar
Jin has totally gone bananas... Where'd you get the pic from anyway? :love:
Hakupa's avatar
=_=" ...never mind !

but i have it from searching in the google and other .. but don't worry i'll submit more art work :D
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