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:bulletorange: COMMISSION Starting Price Range: :bulletorange:
for normal pose, without elaborate detail, depending on case by case, commission prices can be different.
Some commission samples can be seen in this folder.

:bulletyellow: Traditional :bulletyellow:
$10-15 : half body (waist up)
$15+ : full body

--B/W [pen, ink]--
$15-25 : half body (waist up)
$25+ : full body

--Colour [marker, pencil colours]--
$15+-30 : half body (waist up)
$25-35+ : full body

1 full body : $10-15

:bulletyellow: Digital :bulletyellow:
$15-25 : half body (waist up)
$20+ : full body

$25-30+ : half body (waist up)
$30- ++ : full body

$30-50+ : half body (waist up)
$40- ++ : full body

1 full body : $15-20

:bulletyellow: Gangsta style :bulletyellow:

gangsta Sasuke by hakumo Gangsta Yoruichi by hakumo gangsta Ichigo by hakumo

--Traditional [pen, ink] or Digital B/W--
$15-25: half body (waist up)
Price can differ on each request and details.

:bulletyellow: Harry Potter style :bulletyellow:

Harry Potter by hakumo comm: Harry Potter-2 by hakumo comm: Harry Potter-3 by hakumo

--Digital, Colour--
Full body starts from $25-30
Price can differ on each request and details; pets, familiars, patronus, equipments, etc.

:bulletorange: extra :bulletorange:
Additional price for:
+ each additional character in the same commission depending on size/detail
+ cost for BG/extra details other than characters

*Send me a note if you are interested*
*Paypal preferred, but if you do not have Paypal kindly recommend me safest way u think it can be done. Western Union/sending money by mail is possible but at your own risk.
*Traditional commission can be mailed if requested.
*Payment will be done first unless notified. I'll give the picture after it is paid. Remind me if there is any deadline to meet.
*The actual file is available for purchase so it wont eat my hard drive, note me
© 2008 - 2021 hakumo
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Falling-Into-Chaos's avatar
I'm guessing you don't do point commissions then... oh well. I've been looking at your Harry Potter Work, very nice :)
hakumo's avatar
Unfortunately I'm not, sorry >.> and thank you for looking!
zeldafan-11's avatar
Hey!! :'D I was wondering if you would allow payment through mail from Ohio~ *0* I wish I had a Paypal, but I don't have a credit card or anything.... haha~ C: OH and if your commissions are open, of course! XD
hakumo's avatar
Hello, thanks for the interest! I did payment by mail once (from Europe), it was possible but at your own risk and didn't really recommend it much. I also did western union couple of times and it works safer i suppose. Please note me regarding commission if you'd like :)
zeldafan-11's avatar
Okay! When I have enough money I'll note you! CX Thaaaanks!
Elastas's avatar
whenever you open up for em let me know~
hakumo's avatar
Hello, should have told you earlier xD might you still be interested please note me about it. Thank you :)
Hatsuoki's avatar
I'm just curious, are you really busy with commissions right now? xD I finally have the money to commission you again but I don't want to bother you if you're too busy. /shot
hakumo's avatar
I'm busy recently because I'll be moving out soon and online at work have to be sneaky ^_^; I'll get to your notes right away lol sorry for late replying! and thank you for coming back for commission ;A;
Hatsuoki's avatar
Oh no hurry. xD Good luck with moving! I wish I could move somewhere nice. lol ;A;

Oh and I forgot to mention in my notes, I was looking for a 2 person lineart commission. OTL
Tellemicus's avatar
Is this where you request for commissions? I've got a tentative Harry Potter request for the near-future. I'll have to pay by mail, so could you send me an address (over a secure link you must). I hope we can do business in the future.

Until next time...
hakumo's avatar
Hello, this is where you can see the price range. Please send me a note if you're interested in one =) Thank you for the interest ^^
MajorasMasks's avatar
Really nice shop. ^^
ChiroChan26's avatar
I LOVE your buttons!!! XD
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