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By hakumo
Why? haaah hinamori still likes aizen so much its okay to be stabbed right thru T_T...poor little hitsugaya
Either way i want the plushie aizen..hahahaha just kidding!! =D
hitsugaya will wiiin coz hes still young anywaaay...O__o hahahahaha :w00t:
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Momo will come around.....i bet she already is......Aizen is one tough cookie.....but Toshiro will win
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have you heard? Kubo have release a relationship chart for all of the bleach character and hitsugaya and hinamori are on it !! [link] <-- here is the link ;)
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thank you for showing the link x) quite helpful
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no problem ^^
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I love these two! However I wouldn't want to pair them up, but more of a brother-sister thing. I can't see any romance developing between them, not that there really is any in Bleach anyway.
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lots of people share your feel too ^^
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Cute scene. I like the idea of close friends becoming future couples, but it seems as though Hinamori is waay too obsessed with Aizen to give Hitsugaya the time of day. It's unfortunate, but fact. I cant wait to see what Soul Society is up to now Aizen is dead.
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Good. I hate to see something that I love end, but I get waay too obsessed over these things and they start to control my everyday thoughts. It'd give me closure for Bleach to end.

The last series I got into was Naruto, and the only way I was able to break away from that is Cartoon network started playing reruns and Bleach started over so I switched. I'm a slave to manga and anime!
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I heard Bleach is coming to a final arc?...and the possibility it might be longer than the Arrancar arc @__@
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Aww such a nice picture
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I'm amazed!
I love Tshiro's facial expression!
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Aw how cute :heart: you drew it so well and it's hard sometimes to draw such an expression on a face, especially with her head tilted at that angle, or at least for me it is :3 And Hitsugaya's face too, I mean it's so calm but so troubled at the same time^^

P.S. Just in case you didn't know, this picture is under 'HitsuKarin Folder' in :devBleachEmpire: ^^ I hate it when people bash on each other for different couples, and you'lll get your picture viewed more by people who favor HitsuHina :D Your picture is still so beautiful~~

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Thank you for the comment Nana, I'm glad to hear it ^^
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Destroy the plushie shiro! Haha. I like it.
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Hitsugaya's expression is perfect! But so sad... :< (Well done!)
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thank you <)
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Omg to awesome! :)
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If you ask me Toshiro should just take the plushie and burn it, after everything that happend most recently, that thing needs to be burned. HITSUHINA FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!
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