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SW10: Watanuki

I am, yet again, an elf for :iconsantas-workshop:

:bulletwhite:Secret Santa #5, Kimihiro Watanuki from XXXHolic for ~Rhea2:bulletwhite:

Read 4 volumes of XXXHolic borrowing my friend's long time ago. I had to re-draw this picture because when I look for references, ended up reading everything again and turns out he has a completely different aura from who he was in the beginning to the end its good i decided to read again x_x It's still pretty sad for the life he chooses <)
It really is an interesting comic~ though all the cross-over theory is too confusing for me but the art is great, I like the B/W and designs very much plus following Cardcaptor Sakura helps ^^ ...can't Mokona get any cuter? xD

Other Secret Santa :santa:

PS: thank you for the wonderful comments for the previous secret santas :happycry: i'm very very grateful
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That is a beautiful job. Its even in CLAMP's style.
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He have brown eyes
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OwO OMG!!!! so cool!!! Watanuki!!!!!
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DUDE! it looks exactly like CLAMP's style
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Watanuki!! *-* Beautiful pic! ^^
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Watanukiiiiiiii *__________* I recentely read the end of XXXHolic .... T^T *sigh!*
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Peeeerfect. I love Kimihiro-kun.

Interesting you say he was totally diferent. The story says all the time he had changend.
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Thank you!
Comparing before and after, he's almost like totally different person, i liked the cheerful one though~
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As a CLAMP fan and a watanuki fan this brings me such joy.
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Thank youuu! I'm honored to
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oh my gosh, beautiful D; <3
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did a great job with the details and the colors! i love his facial expression :D
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