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February 8, 2011
An extremely beautiful traditional Japanese style drawing. With bright colors and several astonishing details, SW10: Mononoke in Spring by *hakumo gives a wonderful impression of Spring.
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SW10: Mononoke in Spring



I am, yet again, an elf for :iconsantas-workshop:

:bulletwhite: Secret Santa #3, OC Haru for *LethalPepsi :bulletwhite:

He yes he is so pretty oAo! i just assumed his name means spring :XD: I feel like I was lured to draw him, because I just finished watching Mononoke couple of weeks before working on this, so the hype is still there (Not Ghibli's Mononoke Hime, but モノノ怪).
I'm trying to capture the unusual feel but still make it appealing... worst part is figuring out how a junihitoe (the kimono he's wearing) works OTL;;; there might be mistakes, so many references in my folder now haha.

Some advertising ahead.
That series, I LOVE IT!!! very much T-T even though I'm not into horror/mystery genre, but the characters, the style, the pattern, the cinematography agh :love: can't say enough!
If you know what I'm talking about, my favourite story arcs are Umibōzu and the initial Bakeneko from Ayakashi (that big first impression). If you feel like checking it out, it's a different kind of anime and might be not for everyone because of its 'mature' story, but it's really worth a try ^^ (or if you're into Takahiro Sakurai's voice LOL he sounds great)

With that all said, it's a fun experience. I hope you like it, and Mononoke if you see it ^_^

pattern from ~gimei
texture from ~akinna-stock [link]

*i'm..very speechless...oAo t-thank you =Topicality and ^Nyiana-Sama for the DD! thank you all of your wonderful comments :happycry:*

Other Secret Santa for 2010
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Absolutely beautiful. And I love the indirect inclusion of a certain 'someone'. This anime is so painfully underrated and obscure. I'm glad that your art has helped bring it to light more. :)