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SW10: Luna Lovegood

More post! I'm an elf for :iconsantas-workshop:

Secret Santa #8, Luna Lovegood for ~pinklemonaddict

My apology for posting so many secret santas ;___; just a bit left.

She's a rather small girl in my mind, different than the film (I actually haven't seen any since the 3rd ^-^a)

If you follow my tumblr you might notice from the wip here [link] I changed her expression and flip the drawing. A smiling face would look much nicer on Luna since she's a bright and strong girl it was an idea to also left out her shoes because she was bullied a lot, but I changed my mind :)
Psst, I'm not too attached to Luna before drawing this, now I kind of like her. I wonder how many people follow her radish and cork bottle fashion...are you? :D

Other Secret Santa for 2010 :rudolph:
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Amazingly beautiful, lovely!! :)
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If Harry Potter was an animae

But seriously, this is simply adorable, Luna is my harry potter Waifu, but this is even more adorable than any Luna picture I have seen, accept for the actual Luna herself
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Thank you so much! I'd like to see a Harry Potter anime, just because xD
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Gosh, she looks adorable :heart: The perspective is perfect and the background is beautiful! Well done!!
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Awh thank youuu!
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Awesome work - good job on this one :)
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WAW  yes she isss. Thank you :blush:
Could I use your picture as image profile on my facebook?
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as long as you can provide a credit/link somewhere, that will be much appreciated!
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Beautiful art :love:
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SO CUTE!!!!!
I love Luna and your version is great!
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<3 this Luna!
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Luna did servive right?
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Luna's actually pretty cute here . :)
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awhh thank you ^^
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You're most welcome!  :D
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