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SW10: It's nice outside

LAST ONE GUYS I promise!!! image kinda 'tall' too

I'm an elf for :iconsantas-workshop:

#9 in Secret Santa contribution, a girl wearing lolita-themed fashion for ~JaNg-ArT

This picture makes me realize I didn't draw girls often~ Looking at many pretty clothes was tempting and confusing to choose, so here creating a very girly girl complete with pink hair |D combining sweet and country lolita for the dress. Again different kind of coloring...what can I say, guess I like doing that :mwahaha:
Most fun part. The cakes.
And the hair and face.
But the cakes turns out much better than everything :XD: jk

Now that it's all done, hope you had fun looking through them, I know it's hardly ever be this active ever ever for me lol thanks for keeping up until now :love:
So~ see you in the event for this year ? ;D

Other Secret Santa for 2010 :rudolph:
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A serene day in the countryside...just like heaven 
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Kawaii I love it
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your welcome Big Fool Emoji-06 (Blush) [V2] 
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realastic ray
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I like the lighting, those details, and her dress. The lace looks so good.
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Thank you very much <)
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I love the dress. She looks sweet.
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This is very very nice! I do wonder if you're doing commissions?
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Thank you! I will open some a bit after end of the month, thats the plan ^^ thanks for the interest
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Waah! She's so beautiful!*^*
Love the way you colored it.<3
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thank you ^^
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No problem^^
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I am in a butiful dream (happy~ happy~)>>oh no she fly !!maybe she go to the heaven
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xD thank you!
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I love her lovely patterned dress. Those cakes look so tempting. Yes, eating al fresco in beautiful weather is a treat! :)
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yes that would be great~ x)
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