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SW10: Fire Prince Zuko

I am, yet again, an elf for :iconsantas-workshop:

:bulletwhite: Secret Santa #4, Zuko for ~maverick48 :bulletwhite:

Guess what, 1st Avatar drawing :onfire:
Yes I watched it. I finished 1st Book long time ago, then when I was about to start Book 2 I forgot a bunch of previous details LOL thus I marathon the whole series in one go :dummy: I think it's great! The first ever western production I could not stop watching until I finished, and I won't mind re-watching again. The story is interesting and the characters developed through it.
Zuko's character develops the most in my opinion. You know he's got to join the Gaang ok, i like that name just how. I don't feel for him at first (why super emo, reminds me of sasuke pff), but since Blue Spirit episode...aww then serving tea, then talking with frogs, felt something no? :D and I really like his rough voice.

Speaking of favourite is not quite Zuko ;')
She is - pure win. From power, attitude, humor and guts, imagine if there's no Toph...
ok, I'll stop there~ I still like Zuko :heart:
Thank you for looking!

Some close-up can be seen here [link]

Other Secret Santa for 2010
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Hello! I love your art and I'm currently making a video featuring Zuko! I was wondering if it's ok to use your art in the thumbnail for said video. I'll be sure to credit you in the video's description and I totally understand if you decline.
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(for future reference, as long as there is no modification and you put the credit as mentioned, I'll be happy ^^)
Thank you for the interest!
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omg it is sooooooooooo cool.
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Awesome work- I love the colors and perspective :D
I should watch the Avatar series again.
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beautiful work, he is amazing
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i love this of zuko
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Thank you ^^
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This article is using this piece, most likely without permission?  They only cite "DeviantArt" and not you.

It's a beautiful piece, and I had to find the artist in question.
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PRINCE ZUKO, my first "villain" crush *^* You made him so perfectly~
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Zuko was my faverit Character from the last airbender.
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He's hot as fire
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You know, I was putting up a new BG on my laptop based off of Air Bender after loving the crap out of it recently (never watched it until then and it was the best thing ever!), and then I was looking for Zuko pics via Google because man I love that guy, and I found this and pretty much fangasmed. And then to find out I could make my own Chrome theme and everything too?! I had to use this; it was just pure brilliance! Now I see freaking hot (pun not intended :lol:) fire-bending Zuko in all his epic sexiness with every New Tab! :squee: And now that I know the artist, I'm making sure to give credit, and watch, and fave. How can I not fave this masterpiece?! :lol:

Toph is definitely the best of all to me too, even though I love Zuko too. But his character development is what I loved about him and consider #1.
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Thank you for the, historically passionate comment! :eager:
As you said, his character development really is what makes him loved ^^
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HOTTT!!!!! such an amazing drawing!!!!Blushed Super Happy Flailing Cookie Rikka Crying Icon Sting - Happy 
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Thank you for the commenttttt!!
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