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SW10: Draco Malfoy

Continued post, I'm an elf for :iconsantas-workshop:

Secret Santa #7, Draco Malfoy for ~Beatrice-Snape

Umm, so it's Draco ^^a I wanted to draw something different and not in the school uniform, so, a break at Quidditch practice sounds fitting <)

The film had many cast that startled me because of course they're so different from what I imagine lol. I was disagreeing how very slick back Malfoy's hair in 1st year xD but it grew on me later on (and Lucius and Snape, all these Slytherins haha).

Other Secret Santa for 2010 :rudolph:
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so we can all agree, we still loved malfoy, despite the fact he was a total jerk to harry and friends. XD
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Haha he was such a little bully back in the first years~
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i know right? XD but we loved him none the less!Misaki Ijuuin-Fangirl 50x50 GIF 
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You did? I thought he was a little piece of... uh?
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XD eh, to each his or her own i suppose.
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Wow, this is incredible
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He is so god damn adorable it should be illegal. Love his expression! <3
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Back when he is still a slick little snake hahaha
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holy. shit.

i might just go to the dark side.
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Oh My!!! *0*I Loved!!!

Congratulations!! ^.^
Draco Malfoy looks handsome, Tom Felton too, but Thomas's hair is colored blond. Thomas is right name of the Draco Malfoy's actor, but always called Tom, Tom Felton has been baptized Thomas Andrew Felton. That is amazing, later it became Harry's friend and I know his fate, his alignment changed to good, he has a family he has with his wife, one blondhaired son named Scorpius Malfoy.
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Actually he never became Harrys friend, his family isn't perfect after war since his wife doesn't want to raise their child (Scorpius) to hate muggles, which doesn't go well by his father and mother. His father does not approve of his wife thinking he can do better, but at least she is a pure blood. 

JK Rownling said: "Draco was not concealing a heart of gold under all that sneering and prejudice, and that, no, he and Harry were not destined to end up best friends”


I imagine that Draco grew up to lead a modified version of his father's existence; independently wealthy, without any need to work, Draco inhabits Malfoy Manor with his wife and son. I see his hobbies further confirmation of his dual nature. The collection of Dark artefacts harks back to family history, even though he keeps them in glass cases and does not use them. However, his strange interest in alchemical manuscripts, from which he never attempts to make a Philsopher's Stone, hints at a wish for something other than wealth, perhaps even the wish to be a better man. I have high hopes that he will raise Scorpius to be a much kinder and more tolerant Malfoy than he was in his own youth."
Wait a minute, Harry saves Draco and Draco had changed and I have read already about him. I mean that they were after like friends. Draco's son will be just looking his father. Harry's cousin was also changed and he had two children, it was fine fate the Dudley. Dursleys gave the Harry to live in the wizarding world.
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I don't know where you read that but what I wrote is exactly what J.K said on that matter in alot of interviews and what was stated in Pottermore.
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the lighting is very cool (and a little perfect). It gives Draco a very draco-look (you know a little sexy, a little smug, a little 'you are sooo beneath me, but you can watch and worship me' look)... 
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Hahaha the draco look~ Thank you for the kind comment!
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Draco! <3
I love this! Amazing work, he is exactly like in the books...or at least how I imagined he would look! :D
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