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I have several anthologies pictures to upload (fromalongtimebefore) but before that allow me to immerse myself drawing someone's hairrrrr @v@

She her hair is the most captivating character in the trailer i know Tangled has hair, but this, is on a different level!
I'm just off on what people are complaining about Brave, personally having another anti-disney-princess cliche is fine by me (it definitely doesn't have Chinese settings to begin with), its how they execute the story I'm looking forward for. And there's no dragons at all. I can safely expect its not the same with How to Train Your Dragon. And why is it compared with Miyazaki's heroines? Its two worlds right from the start, comparing Merida to have similar story with Chihiro or kinda off no?
If Brave had gone first before HTTYD, its just going to be endless comparison all over again.

Speaking of, HTTYD was running on the bg while I was drawing, simply my favourite movie (and pet :heart:) of all (western) animation until now, while Brave have to wait for next year right? its only a trailer anyway. And its Pixar :] at least that should make you excited even by a little.
I'd love to hear what you thought about it, the trailer is available to watch here [link] 0:45 is my favourite part ^^

I love people with accents too btw :drool:
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I am NOT going to watch a trailer with vulgarity.

The hair business made me think of my Rapunzel Spell one of some 82 spells (used,named or implied) in my Harvey fan-fics.
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If I saw the trailer, it prob. has 2 offensive points.
(1) A boy with mucus hanging from his nose.
(2) The chieftain (not somebody I'd want to meet in a dark alley if he's in a mood) bends over and blasts some joe in the face with gut gas. Flatulence jokes turn me off.
That's all I remember.
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Beautiful artwork.
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You made her face look beautiful!
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it looks just like her
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Awh thank you xD
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you make meridah a whole lot better!!The 'Loving Wilfur Sulxio' icon 
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Thank youu ;v;
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I love how the focus is on her hair, the most amazing thing about her, lol.
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Beautiful depiction of Merida, great job.
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i wouldn't say it if i didn't mean it
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Holy crap that hair is absolutely magnificent :heart: Nice work! :D
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Hahaha thank you lotsss
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really cool almost look like her
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I love the way you've done her hair here, it's great.
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Thank you ^^
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I love her hair!!!Your work is amazing:clap:
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