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When you got another friend also famous for her hair, must have a special meet once in a while!

A picture I had the feel to draw a little bit after I got hooked to Brave and finished watching Tangled repeatedly...though i haven't had time to watch Brave yet please keep it low for anyone who might not be into spoiler. im one who doesn't mind, maybe kiiiind of get whats gonna happen

Probably my most favourite princesses, these two :heart:

Drawing this got me thinking. If you can have either hair, which one do you prefer??
Straight hair looks easier to groom and everyone loves a nicely flown hair~ but half of me said that curly hair is great and have so much character although those much hair might be a hell taking care of :D

Detail shots can be seen :bulletorange:here:bulletorange:

previously on my tumblr
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Two of my favorite princesses together!
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My hair looks like Merida's but it's dark brown xD I used to get picked on for it all the time, so I straightened it for years, but now that I'm older I actually like it curly and poofy. I love the way you did the hair btw. I still really need to learn how to draw and color hair like this. T^T
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Thank you for the kind words! As we grow old,we tend to realize the difference is beautiful~!
If I was asked to draw this hair again, I doubt I'll be able too as well xD
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You're welcome! I can't even imagine taking care of all that hair Rapunzel has. It's hard enough taking care of my Merida hair. xD
ha! those two would be envious of each other's hair
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very nice :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: Clap 
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Thank you ^^
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is nice and funny.
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that's very funny ! :D
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this is so beautiful and creative! i love it!
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Great job :heart:
These two are also my favorite princesses, and I love how you drew them here!
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Thank you ^^
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 very  beautiful
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Heheh, so cute! Love the way you drew Merida's hair :)
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Thank you for the comment!
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Absolutely wonderfully done!
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Long time no see Hakumo! And what a hello!
I recently watched (half) of Tangled and Brave! Half because school and work kills you
This has spurred me to watch the remaining halves sooner! :D

Love the whole 'mother complex' they have in these stories :D
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I love these two. I'm sure you're gonna like Brave too :D
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I have hair just like brave, trust me, you want straight hair x.x

But wonderful picture! I love there expressions the most ;u;
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