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Katara Sketch II

Okay guys, so school's over and this is the latest drawing seriously started yesterday at night, and finished today in the morning. Hopefully you guys will like it. So side notes, I'm really proud of this one cause it actually has a more less-standard pose (though still no background, sorry guys ^^;). But I feel that this one was drawn waaay better than my previous Katara. So no reference picture used, so I'm bad for the plenty mistakes that I probably did (hair anyone?). Katara's not my character, copyright to yada yada.....

P.S: I don't think it's physically possible to be in that position, so don't even try lol. Oh, and the hands were mureder. Yeah, I write too much my bad.
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Ooh - multicolour ;p I like :D

I really like the hair and the pose, it gives the picture a sense of motion and flowyness .. (I'm dead tired, so my brain isn't working that great, hence the lack of english...)

Did you draw it multicoloured, or did you adjust it later? It is a great effect ;)