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Hikaru Ablaze

So here's Hikaru from CLAMP's Magic Night Rayearth, though in my style, and in a slightly altered costume (I switched colors <3). I totally forgot to do her headress and I was lazy to add on to it since I had drawn it on paper and pencil, and had already scanned it. I know this isn't exactly colored, but I still spent heaps of time on it, so hopefully you'll like it, and maybe in the distant future I'll actually color it like it should have been.

P.S: yes, I can't draw hands- colored in PhotoShop CS.
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Aww, thanks for your comment, and yes, the pic worked. I've been messing around with so many different ways of coloring and effects, nothing has settled in yet, and I'm still learning :D. But yes, practice does indeed help, I remember before I'd just absolutely refuse to even draw them, so I even take this as a step forward. THough imo, they aren't that bad, but hte 2-d shading on it certaintly didn't help lol. ANd yes, I'm now back and kicking it up into full gear, making sure this break I'll definetly sharpen my skillz a bit.