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Harry Potter

Well, here's my take on my Potter, yes he does have a scar (it's just covered by his hair). Speaking of which, yeah, I know it's not the best hair, but that's the best I could do at this time. Anyways, I'm still experimenting with the colors, so yeah I know it looks a tad awkward. Copyrights of J.K.R. yada yada... something WB.... not my original creation. Drawn with a mouse in Paint, colored in Photoshop.
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You drew that in Paint??? With a mouse???!?!You are a freak!!!! (In a good way!)

That's a really cool take on Mr. HP. I love the colours - they remind me of when he is fighting the Horntail :P I like how you did his hair a bit different to the 'normal' anime style :D And for randomality (which I'm guessing isn't a word ;)) I like his nose XD

Oh... also... you may want to change his eyes to bottle green before you are attacked by the fan girls...........*hides*