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A Chii Fairytale

I finally started on coloring the Chii WIP I had submitted earlier. Unfortunately, I never finished the lineart, and I decided to dress her up in something else so I really dont' have a lineart anymore and it's taking a while to paint the rest of her body from scratch (I really should have made an outline first, but oh well) Still playing around with the coloring technique I won't get to work on her on a while (finals coming up) so I decided to post this until then. Chii is not my character blah blah blah, colored in Photoshop CS & drawn in MS Paint (until I decided everything but the hair and face was no good lol). Oh, and I have not forgotten to draw the earpieces things, I just haven't had the cance to color them in (those remained intact from the lineart, but that's invisible atm). Anyways, I know there is lots of fine tuning needed but yeah, hopefully you still get the feel of where it could go from here.
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