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Magnificent dream / Pocky mountain avalanche / Do not wake me yet
Fist in a black glove / No Luke I am your father / Let go and plummet
Swim little fishy / Or you shall become sushi / Tasty with soy sauce
Rectangular grey / Caressing your smooth surface / I love you Wacom
Crazy water slide / Building speed and splashing down / Oops where are my shorts
Procrastinating / Haku writing bad haikus / Someone stop her please

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By hakubaikou
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Lol, when this was posted I voted for the Pocky one because as it turns out, I did have a dream about a huge stack of Pocky. It was blueberry Pocky, loaded up in my friend's room. :P
*relives dream* XD

Daaaaaargh it was so hard to choose just one! They're simply genius. ><

(>sigh< Two days to a year since the final journal, which is still in my messages... T_T We love you Haku! :heart: )
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This definitely goes on my list of top ten polls I have ever seen, probably competing for first place, too.
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i love haikus XD
i went for the pocky one cuz pocky tastes great :P
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My sister :iconred-foxen: wrote a funny one about my pet gold fish.

trapped in this prison
round and round and round we swim
what is this odd life?
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I love the one about the wacom, it made me laugh.
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Appreciated // Is the Haiku from Haku // Will you write more pl0x?

(pl0x is totally one syllable.)
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Tempted to write more//
But my watchers might kill me//
I'm not a poet.

^_^ Thanks!
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Those are fun. No need to stop. Moar :D .
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Voted for Sushi, I was gonna go for Wacom (even though I read Capcom first and got totally confused trying to remember what characater had a smooth gray surface @_@;; ) But I haven't Sushi in a while so that won *nod*
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This is awesome. I love all the haiku's they're bad but so good.
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*sends a small and discrete volume of wonderful haiku*
"For your enlightenment and further study, so you may progress in your chosen path."
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A haiku about a wacom, now that's poetry I can relate to.
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Wacom, there's no other way :D What a crazy idea - a poll like this one... awesome :)
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You're a dork. :heart:
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Whaha, these are brilliant. I voted the Wacom haiku, but they're all great xD
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nom nom wacom tablet <3

LOL i liked your haikus
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Oh god... sushi. :drool: Though I like wasabi with mine. lol
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These are awesome. 8D I like the fishy one, but the star wars and wacom and water slide are pretty super too. XD
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What the fruit?! :O That was rather. . .interesting :lol:
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"Luke.... I'm your father.."
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they're all strangely awesome in a sad way.

I chose the Wacom one :heart:

Otherwise, GET SOME SLEEP. Better to be behind on work than behind on sleep, I say.
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