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Magnificent dream / Pocky mountain avalanche / Do not wake me yet
Fist in a black glove / No Luke I am your father / Let go and plummet
Swim little fishy / Or you shall become sushi / Tasty with soy sauce
Rectangular grey / Caressing your smooth surface / I love you Wacom
Crazy water slide / Building speed and splashing down / Oops where are my shorts
Procrastinating / Haku writing bad haikus / Someone stop her please

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Lol, when this was posted I voted for the Pocky one because as it turns out, I did have a dream about a huge stack of Pocky. It was blueberry Pocky, loaded up in my friend's room. :P
*relives dream* XD

Daaaaaargh it was so hard to choose just one! They're simply genius. ><

(>sigh< Two days to a year since the final journal, which is still in my messages... T_T We love you Haku! :heart: )