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By hakubaikou
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I don't usually do these, but this one's nice and short.

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about their self on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 8 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.

Eight Things
1.  I prefer PC's.
2.  I love bubble wrap.
3.  I was born in Cleveland.
4.  I enjoy playing the piano.
5.  Education is very important to me.
6.  My lowest grade ever was in art history.
7.  My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
8.  I have a pet cactus named Fenring who is older than some of my watchers.

I TAG anyone who reads this and is not wearing socks at the moment.  Yes, I know that's against the rules.


If you want yours listed, note me.

zerocomplex -- Super Awesome Photography Contest. Feb 1. news.deviantart.com/article/64…
Pandemoniumswings -- Edgar Allen Poe contest. Dec 25. news.deviantart.com/article/60…
Paranoid-Duckkie -- Coloring contest. Dec 31. paranoid-duckkie.deviantart.co…
LeahCK -- Shyness contest. Jan 2. leahhimura24.deviantart.com/jo…
nJoo -- 2D Rock-off. Biweekly. njoo.deviantart.com/journal/19…
Deviant-Contests -- Info on contests around DA.
Little-Vampire -- #devart Happy Hour. Every other Wed. news.deviantart.com/article/65…

CGHub.com -- Lifeless Forest. Mar 31st. cghub.com/challenge
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CGHub ::: My CGHub.com profile.
hakubaikou.com ::: Rurouni Kenshin fan works.
Commissions ::: Commissions currently CLOSED. Sorry!


My artwork is not stock imagery, so please do not treat it as such. ^_^

In a nutshell:
1. Don't alter/edit/mutilate my art.
2. Don't claim it as your own.

The following are fine as long as you don't alter my images. No need to contact me for permission:
  • Downloading my art for your personal viewing pleasure.
  • Using my artwork as your desktop image.
  • Printing out my art for your personal use (like putting it up on the wall of your room.)
  • Displaying my artwork UNALTERED as part of a picture gallery on your site. (It'd be nice if you gave credit.)

I would ask that you please do NOT do the following:
  • Other than re-sizing, please do NOT alter/edit my art. Do not crop it. Do not change the colors. Do not draw on top of it. Do not remove my signature. Do not add text over it.
  • Do NOT use my artwork as part of your website/blog/myspace background or layout design.
  • Do NOT use my artwork for banners, avatars, sigs, and tubes.
  • Do NOT claim my artwork as your own.
  • Do NOT take my art without permission and sell it for profit.

© 2009 - 2021 hakubaikou
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DrinkingInk's avatar
I almost never wear socks... (unless I'm wearing shoes)
But since I can't think of 8 people to tag, I think I shall pass on this, I feel guilty otherwise.

Fact number 8 rocks for so many reasons lol

Also, mint chocolate chip is my favorite, too. Neat :D
snopea's avatar
does it count if my socks have holes in them? :P
Hubby-N-Dad's avatar
#7 = me too. Socks and shoes baby, in my office.
fernymiko's avatar
aww man i just took mine off :|
Paranoid-Duckkie's avatar
Ha, I actually have socks on so I'm saved! ... which is strange because I usually don't wear socks while I'm at the computer. Lucky break.

I love playing the piano too. ^^
all-natural-me's avatar
the first time I read this I had socks on then I forgot I read and and now I don't have socks on. I HAAAAD to reread this xDDDD
Little-Vampire's avatar
I just wanted to thank you for promoting the Happy Hour, though I decided not to make any round this year as during the last round (it was on december 31st) no one cared about winning a prize and no one tried it... So well no more contests as people seems just to think they deserve prizes for doing nothing. :shrug:

I didn't know you could consider as a per a Cactus :paranoid:
TomboyDudet103's avatar
It's my culture not tpo wear socks unless it's super ultra cold!


I've been tagged with this for a lot of times. Blargh, might as well do it.
rose-star's avatar
I'm wearing socks and I already did this!

But bubble wrap is awesome. And once I got an F in Art in middle school. Pfft. And now I'm an art major that gets As... :XD:
Kibikayuki's avatar
Muahahahahaha! I'm wearing socks!

Pretty funny to see all the reactions of everyone who has to do this! Very ingenious! :clap:
hakubaikou's avatar
Anouk-Lisole's avatar
8. I have a pet cactus named Fenring who is older than some of my watchers.

You receive 12 billion awesome points for this.

I am wearing socks AND I already did it! Bwaha!
Phenomirage's avatar
A pet... Cactus?

Is it wearing socks?
hakubaikou's avatar
Erm, no. And I think I'd be a little mad if it ever stole mine. o.O
Phenomirage's avatar
Did you by any chance ever play a game called Legend of Mana? You had a character you played that could learn any weapon you chose, and you could forge weapons, raise monsters... And in your house was a cactus that, when you told it of your latest adventure, would run over to a journal on the wall and write his thoughts on your life. At one point, it even goes out to discover a cure to a disease.
hakubaikou's avatar
Oh wow! No, I hadn't heard of that. It'd be cool if my Fenring could cure disease, but alas, he's just too lazy....
Phenomirage's avatar
It was a good game. I honestly can't believe that I didn't make the connection till just now, and I kinda figured that owning a "pet" cactus was kinda homage to that game. :rofl: Anyway, I was wearing socks when I first responded. I needed them to go snowboarding. :)
TheGreatandMightyOz's avatar
*isn't wearing socks* but I already got tagged for that like 3 times so I'm not doing it! :bleh:
hakubaikou's avatar
Pffft! Fine then. :p
makeo's avatar
damn im not wearing socks !

*trys to get out of it*
dancingelf's avatar
I'm wearing TWO pairs of socks 'cause I'm freezing cold!! :laughing:
hakubaikou's avatar
Curses! Foiled! ^_^
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