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November Features

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 4, 2008, 12:08 AM
Random stuff first....

Before I get to the features, SenshiStock posted a news article regarding a Deviant in need.  Sara Baker was in an accident a year ago which  resulted in Locked-in Syndrome, a condition in which a person cannot move anything except their eyes, but still has full mental capacities and intact sensation in their entire body.  Her family has a fund to help with expenses and to get a special computer (that senses eye movements) which would allow her to get online and interact with people more. If you're interested in helping out, you can read the article here:…;

Also, apologies, but I'm extremely behind in my DA message box right now.  It was bad enough before, but then I went out of town for several days for a wedding, and now it's bursting at the seams.  Sorry if I haven't responded to your comment.  And sorry, but I might end up deleting many of them.  Bad, bad haku, I know, I know!  I do read them all though, even if I might not respond all the time.  D:

Man, I can't believe it's November already.  The year has flown by.  I do hope that any of you eligible U.S. citizens will get out there to vote tomorrow, no matter which candidate you endorse.  I hope the lines aren't too insane for you....  :)

November Features

As usual, I'm featuring sci-fi/fantasy artists (with under 50k pageviews) whose works I've enjoyed browsing through.  They've got some really beautiful stuff in their galleries, so please pay them a visit.  Thanks!  I'm also featuring one community.  I think it's a lovely resource and could prove useful for people.  

:thumb100067966: La soucoupe volante by MarcSimonetti

:thumb83297962: Factions by maxetormer AmgodColors by maxetormer


If you want yours listed, note me.

Pandemoniumswings -- Edgar Allen Poe contest. Nov 15.…
Paranoid-Duckkie -- Coloring contest. Dec 31.…
LeahCK -- Shyness contest. Jan 2.…
nJoo -- 2D Rock-off. Biweekly.…
Deviant-Contests -- Info on contests around DA.

Offsite: -- Lifeless Forest. Dec 31st.


GloryAngel - medical costs for Locked In syndrome -…
Endling - medical bills for surgery -…


Telephone Game ::: Roster & Instructions
Previous Features ::: Previously featured artists.

Please consider voting No on Prop 8:


CGHub ::: My profile. ::: Rurouni Kenshin fan works.

Commissions ::: Commissions currently CLOSED. Sorry!


My artwork is not stock imagery, so please do not treat it as such. ^_^

In a nutshell:
1. Don't alter/edit/mutilate my art.
2. Don't claim it as your own.

The following are fine as long as you don't alter my images. No need to contact me for permission:
  • Downloading my art for your personal viewing pleasure.
  • Using my artwork as your desktop image.
  • Printing out my art for your personal use (like putting it up on the wall of your room.)
  • Displaying my artwork UNALTERED as part of a picture gallery on your site. (It'd be nice if you gave credit.)

I would ask that you please do NOT do the following:
  • Other than re-sizing, please do NOT alter/edit my art. Do not crop it. Do not change the colors. Do not draw on top of it. Do not remove my signature. Do not add text over it.
  • Do NOT use my artwork as part of your website/blog/myspace background or layout design.
  • Do NOT use my artwork for banners, avatars, sigs, and tubes.
  • Do NOT claim my artwork as your own.
  • Do NOT take my art without permission and sell it for profit.

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maxetormer Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
thanks for the feature :D
hakubaikou Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
You're welcome. It's my pleasure! :)
WCSallySally Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2008
Locked in Syndrome and Stem Cells ...

Do not wait on the US to make it legal, -- Stem Cell cures are already a going market in many, many countries ... from China to South America!!
synconi Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008   Artisan Crafter
How do you manage to find such awesome talent??? :love:
snowmask Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Hooowwwww is the phone project coming along btw? I AM CURIOUS.
Kibikayuki Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008
I'm a year shy of voting... D=

But man... That's terrible with the accident and all. I hope your friend gets the funds she needs for the recovery!
kerko Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
thanks alot for the feature mate,its very much appreciated
lavonia Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Great features, Dear. :)
dancingelf Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008  Professional Photographer
Will be waiting to see who the new president of yours will be - and most importantly, what he's gonna do in the future with all those problems arising!
Obi-quiet Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008
I'll say amen to that last part!

Man, another accident? We had a pretty bad one around here lately too. Guess I just have to pray harder, huh? LOL. JK. I know, accidents will happen. Hope everything goes well for her!
stephfaith Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008
i watched them :w00t:
they deserve to be featured!
AimanStudio Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much for featuring :icondeviantartcommunity: So glad you like it. :hug:

And wonderful selections here specially *MarcSimonetti. :thumbsup: and you have an awesome web :thumbsup:
DanHowardArt Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
How tragic :( I'll try to donate a bit tonight. Here's hoping she can make somewhat of a recovery, or what's possible in that horrible condition.

Lovely finds for the features <3
hakubaikou Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008
Yeah, it's so sad. :( I donated a bit too.

And thanks! I love looking for pretty arts! :)
DanHowardArt Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
i do too! :highfive:
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