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By hakubaikou
I am posting a final update here for my sister, whom you know as Hakubaikou.  I had meant to do this sooner, but it's been very difficult for me.  As some of you may have heard, Hakubaikou recently passed away in a car accident.  Her death was instant, and she did not suffer any pain.

My sister loved art, and she loved interacting with everyone on this site, and meeting fellow artists at the conventions.  I remember when she first discovered the online art community.  She didn't have any local friends who were into drawing, and she was just giddy that she could meet so many other artists, right from her room.  And of the people she met, many became good friends, as close to her as any other.  I know for certain that my sister was very happy with her life, especially in recent years, and I thank you all for being a part of it.

As for this gallery, my family is retaining all rights to my sisters artwork, and I kindly ask people not to alter, repost, or publish my sister's artwork in any way.  Her drawings were very personal to her, and she took great care to make them look exactly as she envisioned.  And we ask that you respect her works as they were intended to be seen, here and on her own website. That said, we are leaving the gallery available for anyone to view and enjoy, and any proceeds from print sales will go towards a scholarship fund, set up in her name. (Details will be posted here at a later time.)

A link for those of you who asked about making direct donations to the scholarship fund... www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?…
The exact details are still being worked out.  But the eligible recipients will be women in the USC film school, aspiring to become cinematographers.  (The fund is being organized by some of my sister's closest friends from film school.)


If you want yours listed, note me.

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Pandemoniumswings -- Edgar Allen Poe contest. Dec 25. news.deviantart.com/article/60…
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Deviant-Contests -- Info on contests around DA.
Little-Vampire -- #devart Happy Hour. Every other Wed. news.deviantart.com/article/65…

CGHub.com -- Lifeless Forest. Mar 31st. cghub.com/challenge
Save the Frogs -- Frog conservation. April 27. www.savethefrogs.com/people-fo…


CGHub ::: My CGHub.com profile.
hakubaikou.com ::: Rurouni Kenshin fan works.
Commissions ::: Commissions currently CLOSED. Sorry!


My artwork is not stock imagery, so please do not treat it as such. ^_^

In a nutshell:
1. Don't alter/edit/mutilate my art.
2. Don't claim it as your own.

The following are fine as long as you don't alter my images. No need to contact me for permission:
  • Downloading my art for your personal viewing pleasure.
  • Using my artwork as your desktop image.
  • Printing out my art for your personal use (like putting it up on the wall of your room.)
  • Displaying my artwork UNALTERED as part of a picture gallery on your site. (It'd be nice if you gave credit.)

I would ask that you please do NOT do the following:
  • Other than re-sizing, please do NOT alter/edit my art. Do not crop it. Do not change the colors. Do not draw on top of it. Do not remove my signature. Do not add text over it.
  • Do NOT use my artwork as part of your website/blog/myspace background or layout design.
  • Do NOT use my artwork for banners, avatars, sigs, and tubes.
  • Do NOT claim my artwork as your own.
  • Do NOT take my art without permission and sell it for profit.

© 2009 - 2021 hakubaikou
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2018: I found "Lovers on a Bridge" via TaiGekTou on YouTube. Totally fascinated by ambience of the gallery. Felt sad that it was actually one of the last artwork Hakubaikou would ever upload on DA.

2019: Found myself going back to this page again to see the gallery and get some peace of mind. Beautiful.

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I was listening to a beautiful Chinese bamboo flute music video on YouTube, and it featured one of these beautiful paintings by your sister. She seemed to have been a great person, and she would be proud of having her art make somewhat of a difference. I hope wherever she is, she will always envision the beauty of both here and afterlife. I offer my deepest condolences for the loss of your sister. I have two sisters, and they are my life. I cannot imagine how I'd live if they were lost from life. I truly hope you and your family have found peace, especially for your sister's memory.
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Hello HakuBaiku. :(

I loved your art on Deviant Art and on Gaia Online. I wish I contacted you earlier. You were incredibly inspiring to many people.

Seeing your digital artwork inspired me to feel confident enough in buying a tablet, and I am thankful for that. Images like 'Raesha' left me in awe. (Currently I'm studying at university and even picking up clients; of course motivated by what I had seen from you so many years ago.)

I've donated to your scholarship fund. May you continue inspiring other artists. <3

- An artist from Australia.
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Your sister's art has inspired me.  Thank you for not taking down; I'd have never seen them if you had.  I know you'll probably never even read this with all the comments spamming this inbox . . . but I wanted you to know.  
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She was a fantastic artist and a beautiful person. She will be greatly missed.

Best wishes to you and your family.
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I'm terribly sorry to hear about your loss. I'm confident her contribution to art and our world has earned her immortality in the spiritual world. May she rest in peace.
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:pray: rest in peace!!
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:iconfluttershysadplz: What a talented artist the world has lost! Judging from Hakubaikou's writing she must also have been an extraordinarily charming and humorous person. Those who had the luck of knowing her surely treasure wonderful memories. But since I am not one of those, I am grateful that her work is preserved as well. While we all pass away some day, Hakubaikou created a legacy that has elicited awe and joy in thousand of minds and hearts and will continue to do so in the many years to come. I hope that her family and friends have overcome their grief and remember her happily... :huggle:
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good bye shinning star for the world will be a sadder place without your art but you will still be in our hearts and thats more then enough to make us happy.
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oh my.. i never knew this till now.. and it's a great loss.
i loved her battousai pictures, which led me to discover her other beautiful works as well.. how she managed to capture and see things.
and my impression of her was that she was really generous and kind-hearted, coz i remembered that my sister asked her permission to save one of her pictures as a desktop wallpaper, and she was really nice about it too <3
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Here I was checking out the journals of people on my watch list to see if they were still active, when I come across this tragic piece of news. Never expected that. My condolences to the family of this talented artist.
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i don't know her.. but i know she had the same hopes and dreams as all of us artists and they've been cut short. My eyes are tearing up, I hope she is in a better place now.
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Oh, my God...this is the first time I've ever seen her art, and I was instantly inspired...I'm so sorry--I wish you and your family well. :tears:
xxx-Hentai-xxx's avatar
after the first couple of lines... i was on the verge of tears... my friend linked this to me... so I didn't even know who she was... but it's such a shame that she died... she was such a great artist! :iconsadplz:
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I loved your RuroKen site. I lurked when I was in high school and watched it grow. The site was amazingly well done, style-wise, and it was so great for you to put on contests and bring the community together. Your art is amazing, but what I admired the most was that you were so involved. A fantastic artist who shares the love? Absolutely wonderful. I regret that I never got out of the lurking stage to tell you how much I appreciated your work-- both artistically and with the community. You made a lurker happy, and I know you made those who submitted equally glad to have a place to go. There's nothing new I can say about you, since I never really knew you, but I can add a number to the group of people who will miss your presence.

ReddScaarr's avatar
I didn't know and am just discovering her work. I'm sorry for your loss. I, too know the loss of a sibling and wish you and your family all the best love and support.

AutumnEmbers's avatar
I'm sorry for your loss.
I found this gallery through a search and I really love what she created. It's inspiring.
BlizzyStorm's avatar
oh no!
That is really sad, because i was just found her gallery today
and was looking forward to see more arts from,
but i guess that is not the case..
I hope that she is happy where she is right now.
Rest in peace
tifafenrir09's avatar
R.I.P, hakubaikou.

Only the good die young. :(
AngelJasiel's avatar
Rest in peace, see you someday wherever you were
v-kYo's avatar
i'm sorry to hear that.. :(

rest in peace, hakubaikou..
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I just happened across this gallery and its beautiful works today and saw this journal.
I'm sure the world mourns for the passing of this uniquely talented artist who, from the sounds of it, inspired many. As I only just found this gallery, I never got a chance to know her, but I still offer my condolences.
May she Rest In Peace, her soul forever drawing where ever it may reside. :rose:
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