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Greetings, It's Been A While

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 16, 2007, 6:55 PM
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Journal Entry
Considering I haven't written a journal entry in about 5 months, I thought I'd just give a quick update on what I've been up to in all that time.

Not much to say. The vast majority of my time has been spend making websites with my business partner. Freelancing has been interesting. We're making plenty to support ourselves, but we've been so busy. Always on the lookout for nabbing new clients. Always trying to promote ourselves. It's been an interesting learning experience though. Now the only thing left to do is to find an accountant to help with taxes, since I have no idea how I'm going to do that this year....

When I'm not doing websites, I've been shooting some small film/video projects here and there to build up my reel. Some of the shoots were fun. Others were pure hell. Really depends on how prepared the director and producers are. One of the shoots was in downtown LA. I saw 8 rats on this shoot (not all at the same time) including a dead one on a table in the basement of a very well known Italian restaurant....

Hmm... Artwise, I was hoping to work on my artwork and improve in areas in which I'm sorely deficient. Been doing that on the side, but I haven't done enough to really feel like I could submit anything. I look at my gallery, and while I do like my own artwork, it still feels a bit amateurish to me. I wonder if there's ever a point where an artist can look at what he or she has done and feel that their work looks professional. Not necessarily perfect, but at least submittable to companies and whatnot. So much more to learn, so little time.

Nothing too exciting, really. Well, I did get into a 3-car accident on the highway last week which was exciting, but not in a good way. Some guy merged into my lane without looking and pushed me into the next lane where I collided with a third car, and the third car hit the concrete wall of the median. Fortunately, nobody was injured, which is rather amazing considering we were all going about 65 mph. And fortunately for me, the incident wasn't my fault. So the other guy's insurance should cover everything. My poor car is looking a bit worse for the wear, but considering the circumstances, the dents and scratches are little more than a love tap, really. The damage is mostly cosmetic, and my car is perfectly driveable. I really got off lucky. Oh, and it was amazing how quickly Highway Patrol and the other emergency vehicles got to us. They were speedy and very nice. I was impressed.

What else. I've had a really nice temporary housemate for the last few months, and she's staying for a few more months to come. I may be co-owning a snake soon with a friend of mine. And I've discovered the most awesome little French restaurant that just opened down the street. (Delectable crepes for a reasonable price.) Saw Blade Runner the Final Cut. Went to a few film festivals where my friend's thesis film (which I shot) was playing. Am waiting for the writer's strike to be over so my friend can pay me for the work I did on his screenplay. Am hoping to get a table at AX for next year (sign up is in February, I think.) Am trying to learn Flash, but am awfully intimidated.

And that's about it. Pretty boring, I'm sure. :-P Which is why I only write these silly journal things every once in a great while.

I've enjoyed seeing familiar faces in my message bin lately. I hope you've all been well. And I hope you all have a great Christmas, Hannukah, Kwaanzaa, Solstice, New Years, (insert holiday of your choice) this year. :)
Random Info ::: Rurouni Kenshin fan works site.
FAQ ::: Commissions are currently closed. Sorry!

I do not sell prints of fanart. Please do not request them.
:fella: :fella: :fella:

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Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) Contest

Tue Jul 24, 2007, 4:52 PM

JULY 24  EDIT:  

Just a reminder to everyone.  There's one week left!   

Thanks to everyone who has sent in entries so far.  (I've got about 12 of them to update tonight or tomorrow.)  And good luck to anyone still working on theirs.  

And apologies for repeatedly promoting this.  This will be the last journal update about this contest.  I promise!  :)  


If anyone out there is a fan of Rurouni Kenshin, this is just a little notice/reminder that I'm hosting my fourth annual fanart contest for the series.  We're about halfway through the contest with a deadline on July 31st.  If you like RK and have some free time this summer, I would love it if you participated.  

Or if you know a friend who likes RK, please spread the word.  The more people we have for the contest, the merrier.  ^_^

Thanks, everyone!

For complete rules and info on how to submit art, please visit the contest site.  Either click on my banner or click here:…

In a nutshell....

Theme:  Memories & What Could Have Been.  Depict either a missing scene or other event that is never explicitly shown in the series.  Or, depict a scene from an AU or AT fanfic.

Deadline:  11:59 PM PST, Tuesday, July 31st.

Rules (for complete rules, please see my site):
-- No copied or stolen art.  (Duh.)
-- Max 1000x1000 pixels and 200kb.
-- JPG or GIF.
-- Art can be any style.  (Non-canon style is encouraged.)

Prizes:  Various prizes to choose from.  Prizes include DA subscriptions.

calger459, TheLammy, Co-Conspirator, Conspirator, dlin, fevereon, hakubaikou, kimaya, Mio, Nekotsuki

Anime Expo - Post Con Report

Wed Jul 4, 2007, 8:46 PM

I had a lovely time this year.  This is a long entry, so don't bother reading if you don't care for post-con gushing.  Also, I'm sure I'm forgetting several people.  So if you were there, and I neglect to post about you here, apologies in advance.  Feel free to comment and give me a sound verbal thrashing for my lapse!

Hmm, a few regrets this year, namely not being able to see DanHowardArt there.  (Hope your knee's better, man.)  Was also sad that look had such a terrible time on her trip over with her flight delayed so long.  She never did make it to the hotel room.  I hope your first day at the con wasn't too bad and that you managed to catch up on some sleep.

This is extremely embarrassing, but I didn't immediately recognize Wen-M when he dropped by.  I only realized it was him after he looked so sad.  Duh!  Sorry, I'm an idiot.  Thank you so much for visiting.  I wish I could've found you this year to buy a pretty print from you like I always have in the past.  But I circled the alley only once while it was relatively crowded, and I never did find your table.  

I didn't immediately recognize Eeni either.  I swear, I don't know why I had such a bad lapse this year.  First Wen-M, then you.  Apologies!  :(  And to think, I'm usually good with faces.  

Also, on the last day, I left more quickly than expected, and I didn't get a chance to say a proper goodbye to several people.    Bummer.

But all in all, despite occasional moments of idiocy on my part, it was a wonderful con.  Artist Alley was situated in a heavy-traffic area, which was nice.  Aside from the long lines, the heat, and not enough space behind the tables, I was, overall, pleased with the location this year.  

I met the lovely neoqueenhoneybee in line (*ahem* a three-hour line just to get our tables) and we ended up as table neighbors.  She's very sweet and fun and has gorgeous costume designs.  And her Precious Miseries dolls are so dark and cute.  

Was also very happy to spend time with the people that I associate in my mind as the "gang":  fevereon, Angiechan13, gts, and rma.  And Fairytwister, whom I've technically known the longest back from my RK days at, but whom I only just met this year.  (Finally!)  I had looked forward to seeing you guys all year.  I'm so glad we had some time to hang out.  So many lovely dinners together.  Such generosity with your gifts.  Oh, and I was amazed that we could squeeze 6 people and their luggage into my tiny little Corolla.  Such physical agony just for some fastfood.  I hope all the tingling has finally stopped.  ^_^

Let's see... iDNAR, I'm glad you were able to come to dinner with us this year.  A pity we didn't get to talk much.  It was nice of you to check on Red Shirt Guy, even if he was a sneak and left via the other entrance.  Sheesh.  And there we all were, thinking he'd fallen into the toilet....

Summoner-Lenne, I'm glad you got a ride to your friend's house.  It was rather distressing seeing you so upset.  Thanks for dropping by my table.  I enjoyed seeing your costumes.

Hello to Zero Omega and Dri from Gaiaonline!  It was nice meeting both of you!  Zero, you're a sweetheart.  I'm sorry you got squashed in my car with the others.

Always a pleasure to see tojisuzuhara, emoxic, shilane, and the rest of the cactus gang.

Hmm... What else....  Thanks to Mr. Origami for the beautiful origami rose.  And it was great to see Omasu Oniwabanshu again this year.  And Kimaya's friends.  Hello!  And jadedice, I wish I could have seen you more!

Finally, a special thanks to dlin and my dear little sister Cait for hanging out with me at my table.  I hope you guys had a good con experience.  I know I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and it wouldn't have been nearly as nice without you guys.  

I know I am forgetting many people.  I'm afraid it was a little overwhelming as far as remembering names.   But thanks to everyone for making AX such a great experience.  And thanks to those who bought prints from me or came by my table for a visit.  

Holy hells, this journal post is long....

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Anime Expo

Sun Jun 24, 2007, 11:58 PM

To anyone out there who's going to Anime Expo, I'll be hanging out in the Artist Alley.  If you have a chance to stop by and chat, I'd love to meet you.  ^_^

Will be selling 4x6, 8x12, and 11x14 prints (originals only, not fanart).  I'll also be selling some chibi Chinese zodiac posters and bookmarks like this:…;

Anyway, this'll be my second year at AX, and I'm very excited.  Last year was a blast, and I think this year will be even better.  Hope to meet some familiar names (and unfamiliar ones too!) there.  

Have a safe trip out to Long Beach.  See you soon!  ^_^

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Hmm, it's been a long while since I visited my DA page.  I apparently hit 100,000 views sometime along the way, and I have no idea when it happened.  All I can say is wow, thanks to everyone who visits my page.  I'm glad you took the time to drop by.  

So... a bit of an update on my life.  I've been keeping busy with freelance work for the last few months.  A friend of mine from film school and I decided to start a website/dvd design company, so we've been working our asses off on that.  It's been good so far, and we're able to make enough to cover rent and a bit more, but it's taken up a lot of time.  Especially considering I'm trying to get some minor crewing done on small thesis film shoots and such, and I'm trying to get cinematography jobs here and there.  Also been doing some writing, working on two different screenplays.  (One of them for a small amount of pay, yay!)  I've been freelancing in so many different fields, I'm not even sure what to call myself when people ask me what I do.  Heh heh.  

Anyway, I'd limited myself to really posting at only one site for the last few months, and I'm afraid DA wasn't that site.  But  I've got a little more time this month and the next, so I'm back.  I hope everyone has been well.  Apologies for not responding to notes and comments in that time.  I'll try to get to some of them eventually.  

I don't really have much to post in my gallery since I haven't finished any serious personal artwork in months.  (Just speedpaints and rough sketches for the most part.) I do have a few commissions to finish up, although I am not taking any new ones until the current batch is done.  But I almost never post those here anyway, so that's not an issue.  I do have one pic I'm going to post later today, but it's just a glorified speedpaint, so blah....

A few things to announce:

I've run a Rurouni Kenshin Fanart Contest every year for the last 3 years.  And I've decided to continue with it this year, although I'm not sure how much of a turnout there will be (since I think the fandom is dwindling in numbers a bit).  But here's my shameless plug for that.  So for those who are aware of my RK site, yes, the contest is on for this year (even though I haven't updated the site itself in ages.)  Please consider submitting some artwork.  The more the merrier!

I'm going to be attending Anime Expo again this summer.  I'm looking forward to seeing friends from DA, Gaia, and RK related sites there.  If you happen to go, please feel free to look for me in artist alley.  Drop by and say hello!

And that's about it for now.  This was a rather pointless Journal post, wasn't it?  Heehee!  ^_^

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Devious Journal Entry

Fri Oct 13, 2006, 8:43 PM
.:: prints
.:: commission
.:: ruroken

Just a quick little entry with some updates:

Contests - coconut-lane is running a Totally Awesome Cute Contest from Oct 9th until Nov 9th.  Please check it out if you're interested in participating, or if you're at least interested in looking at all the entries.  

Signed Prints - I will eventually be setting up a shop on my website, but for now, I have some 4x6 ($2.50) and 8x12 ($12.00) sized prints leftover from various conventions.  This includes images that I don't have available as prints here at DA.  (I've received several requests for the Shinsengumi pic in particular.)  Prints are signed and printed on photograph paper, same quality as DA prints.  If you're interested in a particular print, please send me a note.

Commissions - My queue is pretty full, and I'll be very busy for the next two months with various projects.  Plus I'm moving, and I have jury duty, and I'm shooting a short student project.  Anyway, life's going to be a bit crazy.  So if anyone is interested in commissioning, please be aware, that I won't be working on any new commissions until after December.  Thanks!

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Nothing much...

Thu Aug 17, 2006, 6:21 PM
.:: prints
.:: commission
.:: ruroken

First bit of news, my (offsite) Rurouni Kenshin fanart contest is finally over, and award announcements have been posted.  Oh man, judging was hard this year.  I'm afraid there were several very beautiful entries that didn't get awards, and that makes me a bit sad.  But with so many great pictures, it was really hard to narrow the choices down.  Thanks to everyone who participated this year!…

Second bit of news, I've been viciously hunted down by these guys, LOL:  
Image Hosted by

Still trying to get used to the new site layout here.  I like the new navigation and organization, but the colors still drive me nuts.  Especially the practically-white background on the deviation pages.  Bah.  They make dark pictures look awful, IMO.  :-P

A little bit of hero worship....

Wed Jul 26, 2006, 1:30 AM

RK Fanart Contest

Just a reminder that there are only 5 days left in my Rurouni Kenshin fanart contest.  Please do consider joining if you haven't already.  (The top prize includes a choice of a 1 year subscription to DA!)  ^_^  For some unknown reason, there aren't too many entries this year.  :(  Are people not interested in RK anymore?  Is the fandom waning?  I hope not.  

Speaking of Kenshin, I had the great fortune to meet one of my heroes this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con.  Nobuhiro Watsuki, the creator of Rurouni Kenshin, was there promoting his new series, Buso Renkin, and I got to attend his panel.  Also got an autograph from him afterwards.  And I was able to give him a small 4x6 print of my Shinsengumi pic as a gift.  I wish I had brought my Kenshin art with me, but I had no idea that he would be attending the con, so I didn't have them at all.  I was lucky I happened to have the Shinsengumi print.  I know he's a Shinsengumi fan.  I was shaking when I gave it to him.  (So not worthy!!!!)  ^_^

But wow, it was such a thrill.  I think those of you who know me know that I've been MASSIVELY OBSESSED with Kenshin for years.  I run a website dedicated to the fandom, and the series has been a great inspiration to me artwise.  So to meet the guy in person was almost too good to be true.  

My friend Dlin was witness to some rather embarrassing fan-girlish squeaking on my part.  :)  Sorry about that, Dlin!  And thank you for doing all the talking for me when I was busy blushing and making a giddy fool of myself.  

Oh, I also got to meet Jon Foster, another artist I admire at the con.  He was selling prints in Artist Alley, and I happily bought one.  He seemed very nice and down to earth.  His wife was very nice too.  Not to mention gorgeous.  ^_^

Anyway, I'm in love with San Diego Comic Con.  I definitely have to go back next year.  It was so much fun.  And there was so much to see and do.  It made Anime Expo look like a game of tiddly winks, and I thought AX was cool.  O.O  

Okay, enough gushing.  Seriously, though.  I was so thrilled to have met Watsuki-sensei.  The happiness still hasn't quite worn off.  Hee!

AX Report

Sun Jul 9, 2006, 11:00 PM

  AX Report

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 9, 2006, 10:30 PM
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Well, since everyone else has written about their AX experience, I suppose it would be remiss of me not to. ^_^ I had a lovely time this year. It was my first time selling art in the Artist Alley, and it was wonderful to do so with so many other cool DA artists there. I had a great time. Met a ton of cool people from DA, from Gaia, and from my Rurouni Kenshin site. It was such a pleasure to be able to place faces with names I'd known for such a long time.

I know I'm going to forget someone, so please forgive me if I do. I met so many people! I hope I don't leave anyone out.

BlueRecluse - It was great seeing you again. And I'm not kidding. Contact me if you're ever bored. Heh!

dlin - Always a pleasure seeing you again. Thanks for spending time at my table. And I still can't believe you got in there the way you did. Ha! Daring, adventurous Dlin!

Eeni - Hooray for Shinsengumi!  And thanks so much for stopping by my table.  It was so great to get to meet you.  :)

emoxic - Lovely seeing you again. And thanks so much for the lovely print of... I can never remember his name. The sword guy.

fevereon - Table neighbor and kick-ass cosplayer extraordinaire. Heehee. ^_^ I'll upload the Zas pics later tonight. Thanks for the buttons and bookmarks. I would've nabbed some prints, but I already have them, mwahaahaaa.

gts - Naughty, naughty s2k! It was great to finally meet you in all your pervy glory. And you do one helluva mean Chewie impression. Really, it's uncanny. o.O Thanks for the awesome Kenshin and Saitou art. Oh BTW, are you sure those pants aren't yours?

iDNAR - It was great seeing you again. I hope you'll wander by next year as well? Do stay the full 4 days, please! And if you have the time, come out to dinner with all of us. It'll be fun!

jadedice - It was so nice meeting you. I hope we didn't wake you too much with all of us piling into the room while you were asleep. Sorry if we did. Thanks so much for the print trade. Such a lovely and delicate style you have.

jbramx2 - I've enjoyed your gorgeous RK fanart for so long, it was wonderful to finally meet you in person. Thanks for dropping by my table, and I hope to see you at future cons.

jiuge - Thanks so much for your support. I got a chance to look at your gallery. It's stunning. I'm so pleased to have met you. If we ever meet again, maybe I'll actually work up the nerve to speak some Chinese. Heh!

Koboshimaru - Ah, the RAM discussion! Yes, my poor computer, heehee. It was lovely meeting you. :)

DanHowardArt - It was wonderful to finally meet you (and your bat). You and s2k pride yourselves on your perviness, but I think you two are secretly gentlemen underneath, yes? Ha! Thanks for the gorgeous print. I've always loved the lighting in that one. Oh, and we really must find out whose pants those are.

look - It was really nice meeting you, especially since I've associated you as your little gaia ava for so long. Heh. Thanks so much for the bishop print. And I hope you find something to keep the boredom at bay in my home state!

nastenka - Great meeting you. Thanks so much for the awesome Samurai Champloo prints. Jin...mmmm.... ^_^

Owari-likes-ducks - I'm still blushing from your business card, you know. :) It was great meeting you. Heehee!

Saimain - Didn't technically meet you, but... You were there? Argh! Aw man, I would've loved to have met you. If you go again next year, please let me know!

shilane - It was wonderful seeing you again this year. And thanks so much for the gorgeous Urahara pic. Yumminess.

skulldog - I only saw you briefly, but still, it was good to see you again. Hopefully I'll see you more next year?

ChanpART - Thanks so much for the print trade! Loved your print in all its Bleachy goodness. ^_^ Sorry we didn't leave more pizza for you and sudoru that one night.

Snaptastic25 - It was so nice to meet you. Thank you so much for the awesome sweatdrop barrette. Thanks for some lovely times. And it was an honor to have witnessed the consumption of your first boba drink. Cheers.

sudoru - It was great meeting you. And thanks so much for the Kenshin pic. You have no idea how much droolage that pic has caused. Really. Much droolage, and rather embarrassing.

Summoner-Lenne - It was really nice meeting you. I always wonder about the people who lurk at the RK site, so thanks so much for stopping by. And I loved the Haku costume, btw. He's one of my favorite characters from Naruto. :)

tojisuzuhara - My other table neighbor.  Thanks so much for all your help with both mine and Fev's tables.  That was really kind and considerate of you.  And thanks for the lovely print.  You and your friends are such a sweet bunch of people.  I had a great time this year.  I hope  to see you again next year.  :)

Wen-M - Thanks so much for the print trade.  I love the detailing in your pics.  It was a pleasure to meet you.  :)

omasu - Don't know if you ever visit DA, but if you see this... Thank you so much for the photo.  I'll treasure it!  And it was so nice chatting with you.  Your students adore you, and I can totally see why.  I am so glad we met!

RMA - Thank you so much for carting everyone around and putting up with our inability to be decisive about dinner, heh.  You are such a nice guy.  I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to get to know you a little better this year.  Last year it was just "RMA gave Fev a fish hat".  I hope to see you again next year.  How about another round of fireworks at Disney?  :)

And last, but not least, my sister Caity - Thanks so much for your patience.  I'm so sorry I couldn't spend more time with you at the con events.  Thanks for watching out for me, for buying me lunch, and for spotting those little Kenshin plushie dolls that I'd been searching for for so long.  You're the best.  :)

Hmm, I feel like I'm forgetting someone. Ack! Who am I forgetting? :(

Now, back to working on commissions (I'm behind! D: ) and to those of you who have the time, please submit art to my RK contest!

That is all. :)

RK Fanart Contest
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RK contest and random stuff.

Sat May 27, 2006, 7:58 PM

Just a heads up to any Rurouni Kenshin fans out there.  I'm hosting another RK fanart contest this summer, and it's now underway.  Deadline is July 31, 2006.  So if you're itching to do some Ruroken fanart, please consider entering the contest.  ^_^x  Details are here:…

I saw X-Men 3 yesterday.  The pacing was awful, there were some crazy inconsistencies and things that didn't make sense, not to mention plot holes the size of planets.  So why did I still like it?  Huh?  I have no idea.  It was enjoyable.  And Wolverine's always fun to watch.

Also, I was wondering if people had any suggestions on what I could do for Artist Alley at Anime Expo.  This'll be the first time I've ever participated in Artist Alley.  I've decided to not sell any fanart (which I'm sure is a stupid decision, but erm... yeah) but I'd like to do some stuff that's more anime-related than my usual style.  Maybe some chibis, since I like doing those.  Hmm.... not sure.

I crave green tea ice cream.

And that's it for today.

RK Fanart Contest
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Commissions, conventions, contests...

Thu May 4, 2006, 11:32 PM

Haven't updated my journal in quite some time, so there's plenty to add, woohoo!


Commissions:  I didn't accept them before.  I do now.  Commission info can be found here:… you're interested, please do have a look.  


Conventions:  I'm going to Anime Expo again this summer.  (Yay!) I'm on a waiting list for an artist alley table, so I'm not sure if I'll actually get one or not.  I'll keep my fingers crossed on that.  But even if I don't get a table, I'm still headed over for the convention.  I hope to meet some nice DA people there.


Contests:  For the third year now, I'm running a Rurouni Kenshin Fanart Contest at my RuroKen fansite.  This year's theme:  Friends & Enemies.  The contest will run from May 25, 2006 to July 31, 2006.  For more info, click here:…


Other things:  I'm graduating from grad school next week.  It feels weird being out in the big bad world for real this time.  I've been in school all my life, almost.  Seriously, this being my second grad degree, I really have been a perpetual student.  Kinda nervous about finding work, especially considering my chosen field is in film.  Stability and security abound there, right?  Heh.  Yeah.  Exactly.  It'll be an adventure, I suppose.  ^_^


More things:  I've been tagged by quandry247.  I'm supposed to publically confess 6 weird things about myself and then ask that of six other people.  I'm not sure I'm going to subject others to this, but as for myself, I don't mind giving it a whirl.  I really hope people don't find me creepy after this.  o.O

Six Weird Things About Me:

1.  I'm an idiot when it comes to pop culture.  I don't watch TV.  I don't listen to much modern music.  I can't identify some apparently very well-known songs, television shows, celebrities, etc.  (And I really don't care.)  

2.  I like my carbonated beverages flat.  

3.  I've never been sunburned before.  Have no idea what it feels like.  

4.  I really love the feel of human lungs, and I regret that I will never touch any again in the future.  Seriously, they feel slightly squishy and air-filled.  Texture-wise, they are more fun than even bubble wrap or plushy fur.  (No, I am not a psychotic killer.  And no, I will not explain.  ;-D )

5.  The longest scar on my body is from a safety pin.  Oh, the irony.

6.  My current muse (for the last 3 years now) is a cartoon character.  How utterly sad is that?  Heehee.

... Oh man, I sound weirder than I really am.  :eyepopping:

RK Fanart Contest
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Uh.... I have no idea where all you folks came from and how you found my latest pic, but wow.  Just... wow.  I nearly spit my drink out when I saw my page today.  Thank you for visiting.  It's a little overwhelming, and I don't think I'll be able to respond to all the comments properly, but thanks so much.  O.O
Ooh, so I'm finally poking my head in here after months of not being very active at DA.  Um... Over 900 new messages and a ton of new comments on my profile page.... Egads, I'm afraid I'll never get to them all.  So sorry if I haven't responded to a message.  I'm very bad at that kind of thing.  *cringe*

This past semester was really hectic (but in a good way).  Classes kept me busy,  I crewed on a few friends' projects, and I worked on a screeplay with my writing partner.  Neglected DA and my RK site horribly.  And I didn't get any major art done.  Shame on me.  

I'm hoping to get some stuff done over winter break.  I hope everyone else is doing well.  And in case I don't get to chat with you personally, have a Happy Winter (<---Oh look at how nice and PC I'm being.  Heehee.)  
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Where did the summer go?

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 19, 2005, 9:29 PM
So school starts up again on Monday.  It's my last year of grad school, and I can't help thinking about what I'm going to do when it's over.  I'm one of those perpetual students, it seems, but now, after a year, I'm finally going to be out in the real world.  Permanently.  In one of the most unstable fields I can think of.  (Film.  Yeesh!)  It's days like this I wonder why years ago I gave up a really stable, lucrative job in a totally unrelated field (that I hated with a PASSION) in order to pursue a crazy dream.  

Fortunately, I don't have too many days like this, but right now I'm stuck in the middle of one.  Ugh.  Doesn't feel too good.  

But I digress.  Where was I?  Summer.  Yes.  It was a very interesting one, but not necessarily in a good way.  And it did have some nice moments, but also some really awful ones that I don't want to talk about.  But basically, I got nothing done artwise, and I don't feel like I learned much at all.  Which is a shame, considering it's usually such a productive time for me.  Ah well.  

School's starting.  I'm in the mood to draw again, but I don't know if I'll have much time for it.  Bah.  :-P

Man, I just re-read this thing, and it sounds like such a downer.  I'm really a rather cheerful person in real life.  Pathetically cheerful, actually.  By this time tomorrow, I'll probably be embarrassed at having said all this in public.....

Anyway, here's a list of questions for anyone out there who feels like sharing:  

1.  Do you feel like you're improving/progressing along in your art at a pace that's to your liking?  Or do you feel like you're learning too slowly, or that your skills are stagnating?

2.  Do you have to be feeling a certain emotion in order to be productive?  Do you need to be upset or depressed?  Or do you need to be happy and content in order to do your best work?  

3.  Do you believe that boba drinks are not only delicious, but good for the soul?  (I'm absolutely serious about this one.  It is a very important topic, not to be taken lightly.)

RK Fanart Contest - 1 week left!

Sun Jul 24, 2005, 2:00 AM

RuroKen Fanart Contest

Please pardon the shameless promo, but this contest is a pet project that I really care about.  I think most people are well aware that I'm a rabid Rurouni Kenshin fan, constantly in search of cool new RK art.   So, without further ado....

There's only 1 week left in my Rurouni Kenshin fanart contest.  Please check it out.  The competition is friendly and the prizes are real (including DA subscriptions).  All are welcome to join.  :)  Click on the banner if you're interested.  (Or, if you really want to make me a happy camper, pass on this info to anyone you think might want to join.)  

Thanks so much for your time!  ^_^x

I want to see Star Wars, dammit!

Sun May 22, 2005, 11:51 PM

RuroKen Fanart Contest

The wait is killing me!!!!  I promised I wouldn't go see it until my brother comes into town next week so that we can see it together.  We've both been huge SW fans since childhood.  

But GAH!  This is seriously a test of my loyalty to him, wouldn't you say?  I want to see it.  NOW!  Heh!    *sniff*   Opening night last Thursday was just painful.  I so wanted to go.  

Bah.  The longer I wait, the harder it is to avoid spoilers.  I hate spoilers.

*sits and sulks*

Rurouni Kenshin Fanart Contest

Sun May 1, 2005, 12:24 AM

RuroKen Fanart Contest

Got a chance to hear a demonstration of 10.2 surround sound (as opposed to the usual 5.1 channels) today.  So... f******... cool!!!!  :D
Seriously.  I think the last half dozen pics I drew were all women.  Gotta draw some guys next.  Heh.  It'll probably be a while, though, since February's going to be a crazy month.  Gonna be working on a project that'll basically take up every single weekend day, so I probably won't be drawing much then.  Oh well.  :(  

Hmm.  I've discovered one of my RL friends (one of the few who actually knows about my "hakubaikou" persona) has been lurking at my DA page every once in a while.  So anyway, you know who you are, and if you're reading this, hello hello!  And we gotta go out for boba drinks sometime soon, right?  Teehee!
Hmm.  Was playing around with the Friendslist options and tried making some groups.  I noticed that when I did so, my name popped up in peoples' watchlists toward the top of the list even though I'd been watching them for ages.  Strange.  So if that happens to you, heh, sorry about that.  I'm just re-arranging things a bit and playing around with DA features.

Anyway, what else?  The semester's over.   I'm feeling relaxed.  Loved my classes this past fall.  I was busy, but it was an enjoyable sort of busy.  Worked as sound recorder/editor/mixer on a short student film.  It was a great crew.  I really liked working with everyone.  

And doing sound was quite a learning experience.  I particularly liked operating the boom and editing sound effects.  Didn't quite care much for mixing.  The mix board is huge and rather intimidating.  But hey, I was starting to get the hang of it by the end.

Next semester, I start on a different crew as one of the cinematographers.  I'm really looking forward to that.  Went to a couple film stock demos at Kodak and Fuji, and I was getting excited just thinking about various stocks.  LOL.  

Finally got a chance to do some artwork for myself.  I've really missed drawing.  Did some pics for some fellow film students.  Those were fun projects, but they were a little too realistic for my tastes.  My head's usually in the clouds.  I much prefer doing fantasy type pics with unrealistic, pseudo-cartoony looking people.  

Wee, I've just rambled an entire page worth of absolutely nothing.  Hooray for web journals.  :)