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Another winged dude in a skirt pic. Yay, as if DA needs another. :-P I've never quite understood the whole fascination with wings, but apparently people like them. Which is fine by me since they're really enjoyable to draw.

Thanks very much to *fongmingyun who suggested a winged dude when I asked for ideas for AX in my journal. I hope you enjoy. :) I had a lot of fun on this one. He didn't come out very anime-styled though. I'm afraid I got carried away....

Used some refs for this one. Male figure was modified from this Posemaniacs pose: [link] And the wings are based off of about a dozen crow and raven pictures I found on Google. Not gonna post any of them, though, since it's not based off of any one image in particular.

Otherwise, the usual. Start to finish in Photoshop. Don't even try to make sense of the lighting on this one. There is no sense to it, I'm afraid. :\

...I need to practice drawing guys more often.
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Absolutely gorgeous~! Those wings look incredible, and I'm in love with the lighting~! And yes, the world always needs more winged men in skirts~

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ah man i used to ahve this saved on one of the first phones i had! years later its still a beautiful photo
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I have no words
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This is beautiful!! Wow! Wow! 
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Interesting.... I like it.
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He looks somewhere between sad and in deep thought... It's interesting
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I love love love this pic. Thank you for creating it!!!!
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Hey, I wanted to know if it was alright if I used this picture for a English project for school, if not its fine, I understand that not everyone wants there are to be used by others.
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that is just well epic!!
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Nicely done ^_^
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That looks cool, the lantern, background and his expression give the picture a mysterious kind of atmosphere. And his wings look great^^
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Really beautiful. I'm writing a fantasy book for the past year and It's basically a World of Wings (ppl have wings'n'stuff, they evolve etc.) and this really made it easier for me to imagine what I needed. Good work with this one! :)
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That looks amazing. I love the wing texture they have a very slick realism to them and the lighting is just awesome
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if you wouldnt mind could i use this for a rp character i would give you credit for it
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Bueatiful! Wings of light!
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Aaaaaaaaah... so fabulous, so sexy, so asiduihaisudhs
It's totally amazing. Good job! Love 
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This is very good! :) I love the way you made his wings. :D
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:smexy: this is awesome dude..could you possibly do a tuition on how you did the wings?
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He looks kinda like Sephiroth. :3 awesome job!
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Wow!!! stunning!
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O.O THAT'S AWESOME LIKE CRAZY. :iconprussiaplz:
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