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sword dancer

An old pic that sat around unfinished for the longest time. Inspired by this awesome pose (the bottom one) by *fevereon: [link]

I had some trouble with the foreshortening on this. :p The usual, start to finish in photoshop.
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This has inspired a character, that has been bouncing around in my head for ages. I finally put it into words, base on the world of "The Exalted" pen and paper, rpg. Aressa
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I LOVE how you captured the sense of motion, beautifully done :D
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Epic, I love the effect you used for the motion
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holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is freakin amazerazering!!!!! love it <3
I love the sense of motion in this, and the expression is wonderful. You can tell she's greatly enjoying this and she finds it entirely effortless, which gives the entire image a bit of some dissonance, since she appears so serene and relaxed, while actually performing something quite deadly. Great job!
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OMG WOW. I still get surprized by how amazing of an artist u are. Wow this is just so awesome! Its so beautiful & flavored with action. Its elegant, energetic, striking......I could go on.
I just LOVE how u made the swords blur to imply speed, & the whirling shape of her garments & hair as shes spinning just make it so much more awesome.
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very beatiful
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very well done. I love your blurring :+fav:
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Hey, that's me! *sigh* ok, so not. Just wishing...
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I love how the colors and the sense of motion are so balanced here--beautiful work!
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Oh wow. The flow of this piece is amazing. The dance pose of the character together with the movement of the hair weapon and dress are incredibly beautiful.

I totally love your style :love:
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Thanks so much! :)
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:iconredbullglompplz: Aaaaaw :aww: You are very welcome :iconredbullglompplz:
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beautiful as always.
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Thank you, renky! :)
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jajaja niiiiiiice x3!
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Awesome!! The sense of movement is wonderful :D
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Perspective! Color! Movement! *dies happy*
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it's stunning.. love how you captured the graceful movement.
the lighting and angle's beautiful too! *w*
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this is a fine example of full viewing as mandatory... when I first opened it I was confused, then I looked at it properly and was quite pleased. Lovely perspective and movement. Nicely done.
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