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Not the most exciting of pics, I know. Just wanted to practice doing some landscapes, and I really, really miss snow!

The usual, start to finish in Photoshop. I used one of my dad's vacation photos as a ref.
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I've just used this picture on my first ever attempt at using Photoshop - If you could all give it a look and give me some feedback I'd appreciate it.

For the picture, I combined this picture with a snowy landscape created by Hakubaikou, added some smoke effects and generally messed around with masks and layers a bit to try and get my head around them.

I think the picture looks good for a first attempt! I'll link it below along with Hakubaikou's landscape picture.

 .Picture - Alaskan Soul

 Landscape by Hakubaikou - snow 

- Update:

I got a message regarding a post on Hakubaikou's journal of how her family wish for pictures not to be altered, reposted or published in anyway, so I've respectfully taken the picture down for them.
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So awesome looks like something out of skyrim haha
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Used it in a picture for a series of fan art I've made. Linked and gave full credit!
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This is beautiful :)
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This is such a lonely scene. Very expressive.
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This picture is one of the most stunning pictures I've seen in a while !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how cold it looks like and the Idea of the lonely wanderer. That's why I have chosen it to be the background of a german winter song I've uploaded to my youtube-channel. I hope you don't mind. I put a link to this picture in the description and hope you allow me to go on with using it as the background of the song !!!!! Please o.o I think the picture and the sound fit wonderful ;)

Here's a link to the song:
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Dude... this is AMAZING! Can you help me? I need serious help with Photoshop, especially with making snowy mountains.
She died in 2009. I doubt she can help... Read the journal entry on her front page.
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Words can't describe how sorry I am to hear that, sad to see someone with such talent die like that. I lost a few relatives to car accidents, and I'd never wish that onto anyone else.
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So lonely!soo snowww!
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Your wonderful stock used here: [link]
Please take that image down. For one thing, this image is not stock image. Secondly, she died in 2009. Don't you think it's a bit disrespectful to take a deceased person's artwork that's not even listed as stock?
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Oh I'm really truly sorry :cries:I didn't know that.May her soul rest in peace.If I knew all that things that you've mentioned in your comment I never used her image.So you claim that you've never done any mistake in your life that shouted at me in this way?Please think more about your behavior toward people.we are human being and sometimes make mistake by accident
Wait...lemme get this straight: you DREW this?!
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... Wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......
What steps do you take to make a piece like this? I've been trying to get into painting/drawing digitally, but I don't know where to begin. it looks amazing by the way.
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I hope its fine i used ur work here:

Ty For all
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:wave: Hi, Congratulations! This great image is now also featured in the dA news article here.
No need to thank, just enjoy ;) - But if you like it, please fav the article... : the more :+favlove: , the more exposure! :)
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used this image here [link] thanks! :)
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:wave: Hi! Happy to let you know that your awesome work is featured in my journal here
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