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Not the most exciting of pics, I know. Just wanted to practice doing some landscapes, and I really, really miss snow!

The usual, start to finish in Photoshop. I used one of my dad's vacation photos as a ref.
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I've just used this picture on my first ever attempt at using Photoshop - If you could all give it a look and give me some feedback I'd appreciate it.

For the picture, I combined this picture with a snowy landscape created by Hakubaikou, added some smoke effects and generally messed around with masks and layers a bit to try and get my head around them.

I think the picture looks good for a first attempt! I'll link it below along with Hakubaikou's landscape picture.

 .Picture - Alaskan Soul

 Landscape by Hakubaikou - snow 

- Update:

I got a message regarding a post on Hakubaikou's journal of how her family wish for pictures not to be altered, reposted or published in anyway, so I've respectfully taken the picture down for them.