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pirates vs. ninjas... naaah

By hakubaikou
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Pirates killing ninjas. Ninjas killing pirates. So sad. Why can't they all just get along? Like these two <s>slackers</s> upstanding peace-lovers. Kicking back with some rum and sake. Peace and tranquility is good, yeah? ^_^

I downloaded *leventep's brushes to try out, so this pic was mostly an excuse for me to play around with them. He's got some irregular shapes that are really nice for foliage and plantlife. Better than the more square/round photoshop default brushes. It was fun experimenting.

Start to finish in Photoshop. I definitely used refs for this. The beach is based off a photo I took of my parents on a beach near Redwood National Forest. I altered the landscape slightly and changed the time of day. (While I normally post my reference pics, Mom and Dad are very internet shy, so I'm not posting this one. If, for some reason, you're dying to see it, send me a note.) Parrot, sake jug, and rum jug are based off of pics from Google Image. Used for loose pose refs for the two guys.

Progression: [link]
Details: [link]
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Awww! The NIFs (Nice Internal Feelings). Right here, man, right here.
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Is it weird that I just really love this picture..? Because they are "slacking" as you said in your comment? (You did a really good job for just experimenting. XD)
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Its so beautiful.Wow!  The landscape with the wild rocks and the painting strokes.

"- and it finally came that day, where a pirate and a ninja said naahh and sat down, shared a drink, enojoying the peace while the parot quaked" 
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Cool. I like how you explained it. Good work.


So did you scan the image in and then play around with the colors overtop of the image? Or did you look at the image and draw on a blank canvas?

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Nice, I love the vibe coming off this. ;)
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This looks realy nice. :)
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booze makes everything better
As you know, a common enemy makes allies of even the oldest of foes. The enemy...boredom. ;-)
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I vote pirates! ooh, never mind...
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Naaah.... WATCH OUT FOR ANDREW CARNEGIE! "Gets crushed by Steel Industry and British Empire"
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So True!

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This is brilliant xD
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i was going to say where's the ninja but... i think i found the ninja :)
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wow just wow! this is soooo amazing!!! how you have the Patience for this i'll never known
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Yes! Ninjas and Pirates should get along!

I am pro nijas, but I like pirates too!
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Simply love it. :D
Hahaha what a fantastic idea. Kudos.
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Ninja breaks out the sake, Pirate breaks out the rum... problems solved. Problems talked out.
Until... "WHY IS THE RUM GONE?!"
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This is cute. xD
Gotta love the 'slackers' (:
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That. is. awesome. :D
Elenna-Huntress's avatar
Aww, that's cute. Nice take on the 'Pirates vs Ninjas' idea.
MonkiesRuleTheWorld's avatar
E-MAZ-ZING~! Great idea~!!!
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