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Yes, I'm still alive. I know it's been ages since I've uploaded anything. Sorry for neglecting my gallery, but I really haven't had anything to add. Work has taken over my life (sad) and I really shouldn't even be posting now, but I couldn't help myself.

Been itching to do some serious painting for a while, but there never seems to be enough time. So for now, here's a relatively simple pic to tide me over until my workload lets up. Just a costume design I started a long time ago and never finished until now.

Done on Photoshop, as usual.
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Wishing you were still here with us, Hakubaikou. Even though we've never seen you before, I will always think of this picture as your self portrait. R.I.P., dear artist.
This is a deeply surreal pic for me because there are a few features on your little gem here that match my OC Mae DuVall to a T. Ha! Red hair, thin and boyish, red cabachon pendant- Great minds think alike, I think ;-) Anyway, gorgeous work!
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This is beautiful.
Wow:O amazing colorsd, and beautiful picture >3
Gothvm's avatar
Wow the textures, the details, the colors, the EVERYTHING. It's beautiful!
UndefinedError's avatar
Wow, it's truly beautiful.
str4yk1tt3n's avatar
This is gorgeous! I love the composition.
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I love the clothes and the colors.<3
And I think you´ve done an amazing job on the hair here.
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Wow it is beautiful..I wished you were still alive so you'd be able to make more of your amazing artwork
Moumou38's avatar
what a very interesting style ^^ I love the way you play with costumes and colors !! that's just great :heart:
liarsliar's avatar
so nice color!
HanKai's avatar
I really hope that you´ll get your time for your art too. You are too great to be limited by work!
Kuume's avatar
I have featured this piece in my article BROWN: [link] :)
nivlliv123's avatar
I love everything about this piece!
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That´s incredible! A wonderful composition. Everything is perfect: the colors, the motive, everything...Great work!
Biddzy's avatar
ahh I love her freckles. !!

Good job on this one!
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WOAH i mean, this is gorgeous, amazing, texture eyes, hair i mean every thing about this pic is beatutiful, nice work
ertacaltinoz's avatar
Just fitting...
I think your most sensetional work. Rest In Peace my friend, we already missed you:rose:
lalucediamore's avatar
wow, that comment's like a hammer. and i didn't even know of them till today. sad.
IzzyWinkle's avatar
Thw whole 'im still alive' thing ;n; yeah....
TheRekha's avatar
that's so sad..
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