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learning to fly

By hakubaikou
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This was made using a 4x6 Wacom tablet my sister ~HelloCaity gave me for Christmas. She spoils me so. Thank you so much, Cait!

Will probably make a print of this, but uploading stuff at my parents' house takes a ridiculously long time. Not even going to try uploading the full sized file until I get back to my place.

I hope everyone's been having a lovely holiday season so far. Hope you all have a great New Year!

The usual, start to finish on Photoshop.
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aritha's avatar
This reminds me of one of my stories sooooo much! It's like you drew my dreams! I know you're no longer with us, but you still inspire me! R.I.P.
BrilliantJewel's avatar
this artist died????
Knight-Dawn's avatar
Dragons and flying pirate/airships. Awesome.
I hope someday I can get my drawings to finish so beautifully. I'm still working on it.
ScottMan2th's avatar
once again, the dragons fly... on wings that catch the well chilled air... above the clouds and near the ships that sail the sky in search of stars...and sometimes rain...
awesome-hero's avatar
WOW THIS IS SO EPIC. Man Your such a DAMN Good artist!! :eyepopping:
IzzyWinkle's avatar
ive alwys absolutely loved the idea of flying objects that ant really fly x3 lol

such as pirate ships ;u;

simply amazing, great perspective and everything!!
nillia's avatar
I'm sure you are.
zypherax's avatar
you have some very wonderful concepts!

I love the airships in this one!

I'm sorry, but I must add you to my watch... XD
Erihppas's avatar
v.v I don't think she'd add anymore artwork because... well, she's passed away.
zypherax's avatar
oh, that's horrible!

sorry, I didn't know...
Erihppas's avatar
S'okay. It's just sad, though.
zypherax's avatar
yea... it is quite a shame.
AdmiralAngela's avatar
excellent picture!
Thought it was a giant dragon flying in the distance.
Then on opening the full view, I realised it was a puchiwawa darling cutie!

Her feelings?
Somewhere between a mother's heart stopping in fear of something happening to her baby mixed with pride in her child's independence, and a human's loss at being rooted to the ground, without wings..
Avel-V's avatar
It is gorgeous ! I mean, I never saw a picture based on that theme, that's touching :) I like the colours very much, and you did a great work on perpective and details (I love the flying boats :) )
hakubaikou's avatar
Thank you very much. :) I'm glad you liked this.
Mase-chan's avatar
hakubaikou's avatar
Thanks! Glad you liked it. :)
Zyouki's avatar
Awesome!!!! this is just fantastic!!! :clap:
fongmingyun's avatar
:D! I like the clouds. This picture is adorable.
nillia's avatar
I think this picture marks a new level of awesome for you.
KenshinsWife4ever's avatar
*gasps* its a dragon, you make all of your drawings look realistic. This is wonderful
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