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This started out as a speedpaint. Added some detailing to it and polished it up a bit. And uh, there's nothing much else to say about it. The usual, done on Photoshop from start to finish. No refs on this one. It took abuot 1 hour 40 minutes.
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Terumi-Kantoku's avatar
I really wish you could tell me...I´m pretty sure that´s Kanda...Looks so much like him in a part of D.Gray-Man manga...

*Sigh* Too bad I´ll never know...I really like this piece...
cursedphoenix's avatar
i hate that i cant ask you a question about this.
artist-00's avatar
nice work he maybe falling but he knows what he;s doing
Apein's avatar
looks awesome ;)
Re-Strike's avatar
so awesome nice work man really like it ^^
TheWatcherAyame's avatar
O.o I'm in love :P your art makes me smile.
disgustling's avatar
Really sweet, the contrasts and the sense of motion is awesome :)
Keikz3k's avatar
Your hand and your mind are truly skilled
hakubaikou's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
thaddeous's avatar
Wayy cool. I love the motion, love the pose.
daylight-dancer's avatar
this is absolutely gorgeous!!
ElementsUnleashed's avatar
I love the dynamics in this piece. Excellent work on the flow too. Overall awesomeness. :D
Mizamour's avatar
Wow! That is absolutely incredible! :D
taiyoukousen's avatar
I love how you conveyed this scene =D In so many ways I can rant how symbolic this seems, but I'll save that and simply stick with the fact that I really love the effects, and the idea =) Both are really well done and it shows on this piece =)

;) Spectacular work! =D
hakubaikou's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :D
taiyoukousen's avatar
You're very welcome! =D Indeed, it's very well composed =D
DokkBehm's avatar
You did all this in a hour and 40? Wow!

I like the positioning...its perfect for the title. :)
hakubaikou's avatar
Hey there, DokkBehm. Thanks so much! ^_^
violetsteel's avatar
Stunning! Bloody fantastic texture :)
hakubaikou's avatar
infamouslivly's avatar
I love how the person is falling from the darkness and into the light..

Wonderful picture. =)
hakubaikou's avatar
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