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fairy tale

100 Theme Challenge

Theme #61: Fairy Tale
14 down, 86 to go.

40 min. speedpaint.

This doesn't really fit any official fairytale that I know, but it's what popped into my head, so....

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anitawirawan's avatar
Looks ominous, like they are about to go into the dark lair of the bad guy. The calm before the storm.
starryeyed-nz's avatar
Gorgeous! I love the moodiness of the colouring.
Makes me think of the Fable universe....very nicely done :)
babyshortie17's avatar
I think it is beautiful! nice work!
MaddyBats's avatar
Really nice. It has a great dreamy feeling to it. :heart:
Connya's avatar
Very pretty. Has a Grimm tale feel to it. :D
Aakami's avatar
I really like it, this darker fairy tale, but it still hase magical touch to it. Very nice idea too :)
Xanalai's avatar
I love this. Dark pictures are always a favorite of mine, and it honestly looks exactly like a scene in the book I'm writing.
Bearuthiel's avatar
Mysterious and beautiful. :)
sivvus's avatar
This is great :) Sorta reminds me of a realistic fairy tale- it's not cliche or anything- and in all good tales there must still be moments when the characters trudge through the night to get to the magical castle, right? ;)
Oh, this is awesome. And you just gave me an inspiration for two!
Maris-91's avatar
Not a fairytale but it reminds me of "Sabriel." :) Absolutely love it.
calsidar's avatar
This picture is like me and my sister in another world
(the guy has my outfit at winter ;p perfect match)
thanks `hakubaikou
elvengirl951's avatar
I love it! it looks like something from a book. I really like the shadows and the feeling that the pic just pops out with a story to tell. great job!! =]
KyrieofAccender's avatar
OOOOOH that's beautiful. I love the softness of it, it's lovely!
hidden--soul's avatar
Can I just say, I REALLY like your signature! :)
Shadow-Girl-Jen's avatar
great colour choice, love the atmosphere and the composition is breathtaking

by the way, you have a truly breath taking gallery
Ladybird-J's avatar
Wow! Great atmosphere!
CarrotStalker's avatar
the composition is really great... and the colours too :)
I like the theme, this looks very fairy tale-ish =D
Mistress-of-Kain's avatar
I love the adventures feel of this, like a fading picture in your mind while reading a book.
Saimain's avatar
Gah, I adore silhouette work, especially when it has such atmosphere. ^__^
hakubaikou's avatar
Thanks very much, Saimain. ^_^
Hubby-N-Dad's avatar
I like the atmosphere you created her... the depth you've created is awesome. Finsihing this could produce something special... just my opinion.
hakubaikou's avatar
Thanks! Hmm, maybe someday. :)
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