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death and the maiden


Based on comments in my recent poll regarding mature content, here's a quick explanation: This pic is marked as mature because of partial upper body nudity (a breast is exposed) and a potentially disturbing theme (a young woman is kissing a skeleton.)


My submission for CGHub's bi-weekly art jam. This round's theme was Death and the Maiden. [link]

I found out about the theme too late (yesterday night... and the deadline is today) and didn't have much time to come up with a decent concept. So this really isn't very original, but I had a lot of fun doing this, and I feel that it's different from my usual stuff. Which is the whole point of participating in these jams. So, yay!

The usual, Photoshop, from start to finish. Total time was about 10 hours. I used this crappy poser pic for ref for the maiden (Poser is such a confusing program!): [link] And I used a combination of various pictures from Netter's Anatomy for the skeleton. Unfortunately, I couldn't find examples of some of the angles I needed, so the skeleton isn't very anatomically accurate.

Detail: [link]
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robertfeateckbert's avatar
This is Amazing! :O
BrokenHeadphones's avatar
beautiful piece.
Kedine's avatar
I would not have noticed the skeleton's uncorrectiness (it that even a word?) if you wouldn't have said it.. I really like this picture, I like the way you use colours in your pictures.
Sakraida82's avatar
Beautiful if creepy.
corrupt-purification's avatar
Love how you drew the skeleton and I bet Death is enjoying himself :B
A very detailed picture, very well drawn.
Akhenaten-Aten's avatar
I featured this here [link]
This piece is so beautiful, yet horribly ironic. The concidence is almost creepy.
Rest in peace. I wish you could still be here to make more beautiful art.
reeniereen's avatar
Wow, this image as a foreshadowing to her tragedy is just... Wow... It's like destiny had already written her fate in stone. Scary, isn't it?
EmptyGray's avatar
Thank you for the amazing art, rest in peace Angel.
sugar0coated's avatar
Beautiful piece <3 I love it!
maester96's avatar
I'm sorry for your sister. And to say that this was her last picture... It's almost like she knew.
cordieb's avatar
Very creative and hauntingly beautiful piece. Nothing is coincidental they say. . . There is a time for everything under the heavens. I feel your spirit has taken flight! You are no longer confined by the chains of flesh and bones. . . Fly in peace young spirit!!!!

Blessings to your family, my thoughts are with them on their earthly journey.
MapleArtistAeros's avatar
Wow, so this was her last art piece. Life sometimes has a ironic sense of humor.

May she rest in peace.
omae-wa-neko's avatar
. . . .i still not believing that this was her last art..
oo.. so sad.. ;_;
Decarabia69's avatar
I came to this gallery under the saddest of circumstances and can only ponder the irony of her last work. I know that wherever she may be is a more beautiful place because of her presence.
JonasDeRo's avatar
I can't believe that this is the last piece she ever made... It creeps me out, almost as if she knew.

I wish I had met this wonderful girl earlier as I would have been able to share with her how fantastic I find her work.

Please rest in peace....
RavensQuill's avatar
This piece is incredible and rather eerie. For her to create such a piece, and then to die...
May she rest in peace.
4everHandInHand's avatar
thats very beutiful
Lennoue's avatar
Dark but very expressive.
Kind of creepy since you are no longer with us in this world, but with what you left for us to cherish you with even if we didn't know you.. thank you for letting your inspiration seep into us.
You will be forever in our hearts.
Okaw's avatar
Love this one, but knowing The Artist died gave me goose bumps. i never knew her but even she's gone something tells me i should add her to my watch list...thanks for sharing you awesome art, i wish i knew you earlier.
Rest in peace.:(
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