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100 Theme Challenge

Theme #04: Dark
12 down, 88 to go.

Kind of a speedpaint, and kind of not. I polished up his face a bit, but it's still very sketchy overall.

Yeah, yeah. It's got an awful lot of light in it for a picture called "dark". :-P
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This, is, Stunning, I love the raw feeling it exudes!
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I absolutely love that portrait. That guy's face - it's perfect. Just a right picture for an idea, by a very bad translation - a "dark bastard" thing, probably. Anyway - I love it. You've just hit the bullseye with almost every single shadow and light.
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that's a cool one :D
go haku go! i know u can finish this challenge ;)
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Heh, thanks! :) It might take me a year or more, but I do hope to finish it.
Is he single?
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I thought I was looking at aphotomanip for a second there! SERIOUS talent! :)
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Holy cow. The instant I saw this, I immediately thought of my favorite Star Wars expanded universe character, Zekk. While this may not mean anything to you, I mean it as a compliment as Zekk's Sith title is in fact, "The Darkest Knight." So way to go! Only difference is that Zekk has stunning emerald eyes, but honestly, gray workds much better in this image, to keep the pallette consistant.
Very cool.
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I adore the original trilogy. It shaped my life. ^_^ But unfortunately, I know practically nothing about the expanded universe.

Glad you liked this though. Thanks. :)
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Well, the expanded universe is pretty cool, if you ask me. Basically Zekk was a good childhood friend of Jacen and Jaina Solo--the twin children of Han and Leia. He and Jaina had a sort of childhood puppy-love thing going on before he got kidnapped by the Shadow Academy and trained to be a Sith. He redeems himself, practically saving Luke's entire Jedi Academy, and destroying the Shadow Academy in the process. Jaina is of course thrilled, until she discovers that Zekk has no intention of coming over to the light side. Instead, he chooses a middle path, using his emotions to strengthen his force abilities, but not allowing them to controll him. Funny thing is, eventually Luke decides that's the right way to go. Although he advises less use of Force Lightening than Zekk is partial to.
*shrugs* That's it in a nutshell. I was really into the Young Jedi Knight series when I was a kid, but I never finished them. Not really sure what happened to Zekk, other than he and Han went bounty hunting together after... well... that's definately spoiler material, so I won't tell you.
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Heh. Too late. :( I suspect whatever it is you're saying was spoiled for me long ago.

Thanks for the summary though! A middle path makes sense, IMO. Balance is a good thing.
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You're welcome! I'm always willing to rant about my obsessions!
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How do I keep missing these when you post?! I'm a little confused... I'm sure I remember adding you to my watch list, then all of the sudden poof -- you're gone. Strange.

This fellow reminds me of the Black Rider from The Dark is Rising. (The book series. Not the movie. *gag*) With reddish hair and creepy blue eyes, he'd be dead on! Even without that connection though, the light shining through the background accentuates his darkness even more. It definately fits the theme "Dark".

And I think this would make a rather nice wallpaper with the right dimensions. Teehee.
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I've heard of people dropping off watchlists before. It happens. :)

Ooh, I've never heard of the books or the movie.
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Oh, the books are terrific! They are centered around an epic struggle between the forces of "Light" and "Dark". The books are steaped in British folklore and Arthurian legend, and consequently take place in (mostly) modern-day Whales and England. They've been one of my most cherished childhood series.

Ignore the movie. It barely resembles the book. It's like some crappy, camp pre-teen fantasy movie -- it's horrible even if you've never read the original story. (I hate you, Walden Media!! :shakefist: )
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I find that fantasy and sci-fi books often are ridiculously dumbed down for movies. I realize long novels need to be shortened and condensed, but that can be done well, and oftentimes they don't bother.

It's a shame people don't seem to realize that the original books are often very intelligently written. It's one of the reasons I would not want some of my favorite books to ever be adapted for film. As much as I love movies, there's too much of a chance they'd be ruined.
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Looks like a man whose mind could hide many dark intensions. I really like the contrast and the eyes.
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Thanks. :) I like making eyes somewhat glowy. It's a guilty pleasure.
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Why...HELLOOO there tall, dark and angsty. ;-)
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I love the way the light falls in :D It really accentuates the dark, in a way =]
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