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Just another costume idea. I feel like I haven't done a chick-in-a-gown pic in a while. You should be able to see some texture on her dress. If it just looks black, then your monitor is set darker than mine. :p

The usual. Start to finish in photoshop. No refs on this one.
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Gorgeous work. Love the subtle colors.

I love The Three Moires but Atropos is my favorite
Fantastic Job ! 
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spider queen Not really but Spider charmer nice pic i like
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this asoect of fate measures the threads, right?
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Close. She's the one who cuts them. :) Lachesis measures them.
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just beautiful work.
Hurrah for pictures of the Fates! Or, a fate, at least.

I think at this rate I'm going to fave your entire gallery. Incredible. :D
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Aww, thanks so much! :)
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Just wanted to let you know I have added this piece to the Featured Faves section in my journal [link]

If you'd prefer not to be featured, please do let me know and I'll remove the image.
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omg So amazing! I have a fascination with spider imagery and this is just so cool to me!!!
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Eep! Spiders wig me out. :) Glad you liked the pic. Thanks!
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Wonderful work with the web and the background :D I really love it. As for the woman, I feel like her hands are a little too big. Beside that it looks awesome :nod:
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Thanks very much, Little-Vampire. :)

Ugh, yeah, I have yet to figure out how to exaggerate features in a subtle way, and yet keep it from looking like a mistake. It's easy to make bold exaggerations, but I haven't figured out how to do subtle ones just yet. :p
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well I can assure you that you've did it much better than how I would be able to... So for me it's already awesome, but I know artists wants to be perfect so all I can tell you is, go on like this and you'll manage to make it look even better :nod:
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I love the colors. :) Very cool picture
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OOoo very nice! YOu should do more with long gowns >w<!
Only critique really would be her hips....they seem a bit large for her body overall. Especially on the side with her hand holding the scythe? OUtside of that, spiffin'! :D
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Yeah, I think the gold thread from her shoulder to her hip doesn't help any either. Makes it look as if that's the edge of the dress. Might have helped to put that on the opposite side. :p

Thanks! :) Glad you liked it overall.
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Hm yea, that could be it too.
And, no problem! It's still really awesome *nod*
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Oh no, I just think it makes it worse. Her hips really are pretty big. ^_^
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Lol, well with that weapon in her hand who's really gonna tell her?
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One of the three fates? She looks a bit celtic ... maybe ... the web is a nice element in this.
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Yup, one of the fates. I have no idea what she's supposed to be, but I do know she doesn't look Greek even though it's from Greek mythology. :p

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Beautiful dress, and pretty much everything.
It looks like she's in the underdark...Menzoberranzen the underground home of the drow. And if such is the case, she's probably going to wreck havoc on that web. :P
Feel free to disregard my drow induced comment...I've been getting involved in Drow Roleplaying lately on gaia.
I have to say, your artwork is always spectacular.
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