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airship pilot

Yet another incredibly original title. Heh. Sorry, I really suck at naming my pics.

Flying ships. They've been done before, I know. But here's another version of one.

As usual, drawn and colored completely in Photoshop. No references. (Although I probably should have used some, since I don't think I got the goggles right. Can' Took about 12 hours total.

EDIT: I don't know if pics show up again on watch lists when they've been edited. If so, sorry about that! I'm going to try to make a print of this. As usual, I don't expect anyone to actually buy one, but erm, my mom wants a copy. (Heh heh). :)
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The goggles are really beautiful!
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steampunk forever!
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Very Steampunk i like it
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very nice not many people can do that kind of a pic & make it very detailed
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Freaking awesome =D
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I love this O_O others have already said why it is fantastic, but really this is truly is the rest of your gallery. :heart:
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Really beautiful! The details are amazing!
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Fantastic job, this is amazing!
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And I love the idea of it.
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I feel very lame giving you such a short comment. It is really wonderful.
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You don't have to comment at all if you don't want to. I totally don't mind if people just look and move on. I'm just glad they looked. ^_^
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I just hate when I can't construct some awesome praise. I am not super at commenting on drawing/painting... But your work moved me to comment. It is so pretty!
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lol I've been looking for the artist of this pic since i found it last year, it actually inspired some stories of mine, and i'll give you credit now that i know who you are! :D
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Your Welcome!
Merry Christmas!
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I really loved this drawing!!
the colours are pretty, is sooo perfect *-*
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This is completely gorgeous. The goggles, while not conventional by steampunk standards (if there are any), are beautifully rendered. I love the brass buttons on the coat, the stitching on the cowl... Yeah, amazing all around.
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