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How to Bewitch the Bayou


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How to Bewitch the Bayou


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How to Bewitch the Bayou


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Legendary Sword

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Dylia (Commission)


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Way Through The Great Oaks - Arteet

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Eevee and Pikachu


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Best of The Week - 084

Here are the pictures which grabbed my eyes this week. I hope you'll like them as much as I do.  

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Pokemon Legendarys - Earstud Collection


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Zillow Stone - Cover

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what's_bad ... - hand_lettering.


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When the Stars Fell

She danced in the new age As the lands shifted from light to dark Like it was a place left desolate The summer days That pretty face That little maze In all the years that have come and gone No one has the answers Because when the stars fell They collapsed from grace And when the stars fell They made sure to never accept More than they deserved Communications are deceased And my head is opening Things are spilling out But, tell me Did the grace fall from the stars Or the stars from the grace? And if you could trade that lonesome face For a light you once had Would you? (They are coming with the dark.)

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I love Owls


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