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I'm With You

By hakojo
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"Hey...you with me?"

More HL2 arts. Srs bzns this time. I'm trying to work through this phase as quickly as possible so I can get back to my comics and what have you, so please bear with me.

This is going to surprise no one (well, no one who knows me particularly well, at any rate), but...yeah, I kind of completely fell in love with Alyx Vance. And honestly? I feel really manipulated because of it. She's seriously the most effectively written character I think I've ever come across, and the way she's been factory-designed to leave the player no option but to enjoy having her around is quite frankly proof of Valve's complete dominion over the minds of men. I totally get why they did it, because it would suck to have to play through the episodes with some NPC you couldn't stand tagging along, but...damn. For all the effort they put into creating a relationship between you and the cute, attractive, sensitive-yet-thoroughly-badass sidekick, why didn't they just go ahead and make Half-Life 2 a full-on dating sim while they were at it? It almost has that sort of vibe anyway, given that Gordon doesn't speak and that Alyx is pretty much the quintessential "girl next door" experience, provided you happened to live next door to an Orwellian zombie apocalypse. I've been thinking for weeks, and I haven't found anything to dislike about her, except for the fact that I can't think of anything to dislike about her. Even her occasional moments of ditziness have their own kind of charm, and the fact that she hits my 'girls who continually have unspeakably horrible things happen to them' fetish in all the right places more than makes up for her oft-corny dialogue. Saying that one does not enjoy the company of Alyx Vance is akin to denying that water is wet, fire is hot, and kittens are adorable.

It's even worse, though, when I take into account how long I usually spend developing a crush on a fictional character. Most of my watchers are aware by now of my harem of anime chicks, so let's do a brief rundown of time frames on the first four: I started watching Shaman King when it premiered in the U.S. in 2003. Three years later, I inducted the first member of the harem, Tao Jun (who, deep down, is still my one and only... #^_^#). Riza Hawkeye took about two and a half years (counting from the time I first started Fullmetal Alchemist to when I started drawing fanart of her). Deunan Knute made it in after about four years, and the Major? Y'know, the one I usually hold up as the most brilliantly, thought-provokingly written character in the history of anything ever? The one who finally made me realize that the fact that I even have this harem was a manifestation of bisexuality? Two years, and that's for basically my patron saint of anime.

I started saying nice things about Alyx on my Twitter feed a little over two weeks after I first encountered her. TWO WEEKS. That is not right.

And yet...I kind of don't care. Okay, so basically her entire purpose is to manipulate my emotions. Does that make her any less adorabadass and handy to have around in sewers full of zombies? It does not. If anything, the skill with which my emotions are being manipulated is to be applauded - even Alyx's throwaway dialogue (you know, the lines you hear when you stand by her and press the 'use' key over and over...I'm not the only one who does that, right?) strikes that wonderful balance between friendly teasing and honest affection (I LOVE how she says "what is it?" like Gordon was continually glancing sideways at her trying to spit out an 'I like you!" - I always imagine him turning away really quickly afterward). And really, to be completely honest, I would probably not be nearly as enthused about the Half-Life universe if she was not a part of it.

So yes, Alyx, in answer to your continual query: I am with you. And if you don't live through Episode 3, if and when it finally reaches me...well, let's just say that there are quite a few skulls over at Valve HQ that will be having a very intimate meeting with the business end of a crowbar.

...now that that's out of the way, technical stuff: the texture on the hair was definitely the hardest to get across, because it's dark, but I needed to convey that it was all fluffy and sticky-uppy and what have you. Also, I actually took an honest-to-God art class last semester, and I think it helped. Your thoughts?

Characters belong to Valve.
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"Hey there. It's okay... It's okay...
Even if they're not making it, I'm sure Valve will give their blessing to a fan release one day, right?"
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Too sad for me.Waaaah! 
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I love Alyx. She's charismatic, humorous and so badass. :iconalyxvanceplz:

They make the perfect team... :heart:
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honestly.....that was the most amaizing thing i'v ever read .......i thank you for this      ........i feel the same way about her to .......
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This made me cry.

Through my eyes, I swear.
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Poor Alyx..... So sad. I almost cried with her in the end of HL2 Episode 2. Art is brilliant!
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I haven't finished yet! The stupid Hunters keep murdering my "Magnussen devices"! 😫 And then me shortly afterward! 😫
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Just want to say how much I love this picture. :heart:
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Thank you ^-^
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Oh, my god. This is just...so brilliant. It's so simple, and yet you still managed to convey a whole lot of emotion. And I do like the fluffyness of Alyx's hair. Excellent work. :)
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Thank you very much! <3
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:iconchuuplz: I like this a lot.
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I can't tell you how much I wanted to do this at the end of Ep2. Alyx is such an amazing character, and I've always felt so connected to the Half-Life games...
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I know, right? The 'use' key needs to let us hug her at strategic points...
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This is what I imagined happening after Episode Two was over.
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holy crapoly... at first, i thought it was gordon and CHELL!!!!!!!! (facepalm) ;P
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Gordon will always be there for her.
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