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Spore Logo

stock -> [link] ... lol

Byłem znudzony już standardowym logiem Spore .. byłem ogólnie znudzony i tak jakoś to powstało ...


I was bored with standard Spore's logo so I create new one ..
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That was a legendary game.

Sometimes I miss that there was no Spore 2 (I don't mean neither Darkspore, nor games like Spore Origins). And sometimes I' m happy, knowing that EA would surely add some nasty things like lootboxes if the game ever was released.
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The game that made me obsessed with extraterrestrial flora, fauna, and celestial bodies.

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FINALLY I found the one who made this art, only one thing to say : great job !
I've been using this as part of my avatar since 2009 and never thought "who made this ?" until now.
Great job you did there, sir.
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I love it so much that I use this as my avatar
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Great work,
You can also find Free PSD Logo Templates renewed daily here:
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I love this logo!!! I want to create a paper about big names in the game industry. I chose Will Wright as one of them for his game Spore specifically. I was just hoping to ask you if I could have permission to add this beautiful piece of yours into that paper? If not its cool and I understand, I just think it would accent my paper perfectly.
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Pretty much fantastic.
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absolutely brilliant!
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you play spore???! whats your username? mine is irken--invader68
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That was a long time agooo ... I don't play now.
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Aww that sucks. Why not? Get sick of it?
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can i use it for my college.
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Exacly.. what do You mean? ..
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we have annual festival and we need a logo, now we are scrapping existing one and want some real artistic one..

I am asking your permission to take it and mod it by your permission and use it in our festival...

Also can we have green version of it..[link]
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Ok, no problem. Good Luck ;)
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