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Japan-From The Eye Of The Fish

Taking a break from my regular style, I will be uploading documentary style photography for a while from my trip to Japan last summer.

Osaka, Japan

In Japan people wear yukata only on special occasions, like for festivals, or for work. They might be working in a Japanese classical style bar/restaurant. She seems like going to work as her regular clothing is probably inside the white bag which she will wear after she is done and go to a different place for drinking with friends herself. Most of the time, after work , Japanese go to an Izakaya to socialize and drink. Of course the bicycles along the roads are a common sight . Most Japanese use bicycles as transportation, and they are very good at it, rushing through crowds of people without touching or hitting anyone in narrow streets.
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nice angle..... :)
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great photo!
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My favority lens....Very nice !!
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Hello man, could I ask for the original file ? For a personal use. Japan lover here and I love the fish eyed style that you put on this, it would fit perfectly on my desktop ^^ !

I would totally understand a negative answer of course. I'm a photographer myself and it would be difficult for me to let someone take one of my file.
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I like the shot especially because it's in the fisheye effect =)
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Nice capture. I love it.
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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I want a fish eye lens.. And a yukata. The Japanese have the best traditional clothing.
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This picture made me smile so much. I want to go to Japan so badly.
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Hi! Your work is great. I have question but my English is not good so if you don't undestand something just tell me :)
I am from Poland and we have mini competition [Polish publishing of courses which help learn languages organise it on facebook] . I have to do something like photomanupulation. Your photo is great and I would like to use it if you just let me :) I will be proud if you allowed me :) I will send it on this competition but it will not complain in internet. I just need to know if can I use this photo?
Wow beautiful!!
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This photograph has great style and composition. I am a graphic designer for an international beverage company and we are expanding our market more in Japan and we would like to use this image on our website. How much would you charge for a single website usage of this shot? Let me know. please email me at

Love your portfolio. Many thanks!
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Hi! I really like your picture. May I use it for my senior project? It'll just be in a power point, and I can site you as a source if you'd like. Just let me know!
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty =3...the fish eye lens =D
i always wanted to draw like a fish eye...but didnt have time tho >___> i wonder if i can draw that style lol
Love the viewpoint. Isn't Japan just the best to photograph!? I miss not being there anymore.
so very nicely done ! *high 5! おもしろい ^.^
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it's as if she found herself "ejected" from a far, magic world into the future...
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