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The Deer

By Hakaishi
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edit071215:// Quill got revamped and Kuolema's overall shade changed from blueish to pinkish to bring out the albinism.

I recently revisited The Endless Forest after years of inactivity (I lost all my sets way back when the update came on so I was very dispirited), and decided to revamp my deer characters as I've been meaning to do for a longer while now. Shim, Elian and Quill, respectively, are all characters I created back when I played actively, but the last deer, Kuolema, is a character I created outside of the game a year ago. Decided to create an account for him as well.

Still not sure if I like Quill's new design, so I might go back to it later if I get new ideas, but for now it'll do. I will be putting up a whole information sheet for each of them, but most likely on the community's side once I actually get to it. Kuolema will also probably be called Amelouk in-game because it sounds more "lore-friendly" than the actual Finnish word (which means death).

I still have to wait for six months to get Eli and Quill their old sets back, as they had the skull masks, and now I need one for Kuolema as well (I wish the real deer mask came in white ugh). I literally cannot understand how my memory can be as bad as it is; I've thought about logging in to get their masks back every Halloween since the update, and yet I have always forgotten about it. I don't even have words. Sucks though. :L

Anyways, the characters all belong to me, TEF does not.
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I love the way you did the fur and antlers on that white deer. Your shading is gorgeous.
Hey if I remember to get the skull mask myself I'll try to remind you also!
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that is pretty cool. i love the human-faced deer the best!
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Your art is delicious.
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Aw man, thank you!
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Nice, I had always wanted to get into that game, but it's so graphic intensive and made my old computer lag a lot. Thanks for reminding me about this game, I can actually play it now :D
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LEL I know, right? My old computer would barely let me look around, it was super annoying. Such a nice experience to try it on a new one! And no problem, my pleasure! :D
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They all look very nice, Hakku. I really like all the details, I wish I had as much patience with drawings as you do. Hehe. :3
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Thank you! C: These were all drawn on different canvases and on different days, otherwise my patience would've been gone in the first 15 minutes or so lmao. :D
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Oh I see. Lol, I bet just one took like 10 hours.
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Aaaa *sticks giant like on it*

O: I didn't realise you had other deer...or I forgot lol.
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LOL yeah I most often played Eli, and the others when I wanted to just hang around by myself. :'D Kuolema on the other hand is the newest addition, what with the ~new-gen~ picto and stuff. Only three months to go for their sets...! (And totally forgot to go on ask if anyone could cast the DotD stuff on me gdi need to get my shit together 8U)
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