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Cool guys don't look at explosions

They blow things up and then walk away. Or they might, you know, take it right to the side of the head.

This is a little something I made for ma bro Lem0nGin and myself, featuring our turian characters, her Carius and my Ractus, respectively. They're total BFFs. We were having a very intelligent conversation, something about "yoloswag turian bros", and I couldn't let it pass so I just had to draw it.

Because the main idea behind this was them being all, well... that, I kept the shades on them, but a version without them can be viewed here.
Also the armors are sO DIFFICULT TO DRAW what in the heavens.

And that's pretty much it!

Characters belong to Lem0nGin and I, art is mine.
Bioware is to thank for them turians and Mass Effect.
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Wow this is amazing! I would totally commission this as a piece. Turian armor is <3 They look so badass, but being a Turian we already are badss!
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ahahaha I LOVE it!!
Hakaishi's avatar
Thank you! (What a beautiful icon you've got there. I think I might be in love.)
Jleighc99's avatar
Yeah Shepard is just to gorgeous
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UGH. I wish I could draw Turians like you, mine come out looking like fags poor.
Hakaishi's avatar
Oh, believe me, even with all the 1000000 references I used, I had a LOT of trouble getting them to look right lmao OTL With a little practise they should be coming out just fine, good luck!
SleepyCactuses's avatar
I have that with almost every drawing I do ;n;

Thank you!
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Now, that's awesome! Admire the amount of cool stuffed into it!
Hakaishi's avatar
Aw man, thank you so much!
SpinosaurusDinosaur's avatar
The details here are excellent! 0_0
Hakaishi's avatar
Heee thank you! 8D
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hienot mässyhahmot hu hu
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eikös olekkin B) #joulou #faktöpouliis #swääg
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Those guys are really cool Haha The armor looks awesome, too, Very detailed and well put together :D
Hakaishi's avatar
Aren't they? Lmao thank you!
NixieLupus's avatar
I love this picture :3 you did very well on their bodies, it is all very proportional ^^Great job!
Hakaishi's avatar
Thank you! The turian bodies were indeed very difficult to handle, so I'm glad to hear that! OTL
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