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Lazy Sunday

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people seemed to like lazy Celestia from the nightmare night comic… why not some more, with her equally-capable-of-laziness sister! 
Luna's sweater says "Sister Sister", while Celestia's says "Queen Bitch" (the other idea was a college hoodie from the Interequestrian Cantiriot University for Ponies) 
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Celestia attended Unicornel University not ICUP.
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AskSparklerHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol XD
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"It's too early for this shit!"
lol, awesome work, I love it!
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HAK2Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, man!
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YES!!! But where are the wings?
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HAK2Hobbyist Digital Artist
what do you mean? they're right the-

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They haven't plugged them in yet.
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Oh god that mug made me crack so hard. AEIOU.
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All hail queen bitch!
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To be fair, those two have to deal with the day to day maintenance of an entire nation.
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MinecraftFan1971Hobbyist General Artist
I thought it was lazy Saturday
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AYBfimHobbyist Photographer
Oh my goodness. I'm having trouble breathing because of the adorbs! Luna!
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John Madden...huh.

Also. Luna looks nice, even now. Celestia on the other hand...I would be wary to touch her even with a broom.
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HAK2Hobbyist Digital Artist

do you not know of the rapturous joy that is moon base alpha videos?

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Yes I know but thanks anyway :P
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Mini-WolfsbaneHobbyist General Artist
Saw this on MLB and it made me laugh. :) Thank you.
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HAK2Hobbyist Digital Artist
this was on MLB?

…do you have a link, mayhaps?

also, you're welcome!
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I know Celestia wears a shit-eating grin, but this is ridiculous.
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NCMaresHobbyist Digital Artist
They look so great in this style :D Well done!
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This is important because reasons.
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legend3459Hobbyist Photographer
I lost it when I read what was on Luna's mug
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FlyntendoHobbyist Artisan Crafter
John Madden John Madden John Madden
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Rammy497Hobbyist Writer
Luna's cup says John Madden -n-
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