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A set of colorful, minimalist note skins for Rainmeter. [Version 1.0.1]

5 color themes can be chosen from, with the ability to make your own! Notes can be pinned above other windows by hovering over the note and clicking the 'Pin' icon.

Made to complement the Paper::Player music player controller, found in my gallery. First time making such a skin, let me know if installation goes smoothly.


* Making your own color themes:

- Open Paper>@Resources>Notes and copy the 'Default' folder. Rename it to something!
- Work your palette-making magic on the existing backgrounds and matching button selectors. Change the text colors in the .txt file to suit the themes.
- Right-click any note and select Custom skin actions>Edit global options.
- Change the ThemeFolder to the name of your new folder.
- Save and refresh! Bask in your new theme!

* New in version 1.0.1

- Fixed a bug where changing 'ShowTitle' in the settings didn't work.

Note: upgrading to a new version will overwrite any previous notes (and custom themes if you've made any) so make sure to them back up first so you can easily restore them :goodjob: revamp 
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Not working atm, only showing a "0" on the text field