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Cover image and apparent boobie focused banner art provided by the most wonderful :iconAmethystPendant:

Loveliest of Misses, Pixelated Seamstress Extraordinaire, Founding Member of the PFBC, Keeper of The Magical Warehouse, World Creator and Mythos Sharer, Pixie Protector, Matchmaker for Swamp Witches, and Just the Dearest of Friends. :heart: Thank you :heart:

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I am the Bubble'd Girl

I am the Barefoot Girl

I am the Raging Tiny-fisted Elf (who prefers 'Pixie' because elves are fairly stuck uppity and not at all mischievous)

I am the Good Girl Goo Girl with Toes of 20+ Wickedness

I am the Sea of Chimpanzees in a Field of Typewriters

I am the Bender of Words.

I am the Geek Chic Freak who writes thousand word descriptions that have very little to do with her posts

I am Skinny Dipping in a Pool of Acid

I am Me

Snarky Interwebby Personality/Geek Girl/anti-Social Networker/Pencil and Paper to Pixel Gamer/Deus Ex Machina for Hai Kulture haikulture.com/ and The Bubblegum Nightclub www.bubblegumnightclub.com/ /Quite a Lovely Misanthrope

'Sugar and Spice and D-20 dice - that's what little Geek Girls are made of...'

(c) Hai-Kulture Llc

Favourite Visual Artist
Tim Burton
Favourite Movies
The Princess Bride
Favourite TV Shows
I loved you LOST - and then we broke up
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
My Chemmie Romance/Muse/30 Seconds to Mars/Snow Patrol/Imagine Dragons
Favourite Books
So so so so many!
Favourite Writers
Me! (*glee*)
Favourite Games
So not fair!
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Other Interests
General Geek Girl-dom (Reading, Writing, Gaming, Scaring Away Boys, Being Snarky)

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Knight Moves @Team

Happy Birthday To Me?

Happy Birthday To Me?

Gazing on candlelit sea of icing... I harken back to bygone days. Days where DA birthdays were celebrated. Where I would wish friends happiness on theirs Where I would find little messages and creative presents on mine. I would write journals of thanks and happiness. Those bygone days where friendship was shared. And now today... Happy Birthday to Me! My gift from @team - an empty screen Thanks for creating the most anti-social 'social' art share Let me blow out the candles and make a wish. Nope. Still a soulless piece of kack Where the Cake is a Lie And most of my friends already left the party early
This "Out of Coffee" Level is worse than any Water Level I've played... @Team

Stamp Graveyard


Once upon a time I made big, dumb, oversized stamps for my friends - old DA had a place for them - . a place for friends - a gathering place for geekery.

Now not so much...

Over the years - some friends faded away - others were sucked away in the Black Hole disguised as an Eclipse.

I liked them. The were dumb. They were oversized. Much like a heart full of love.

Now they just seem like a memorial plaque..

SpaghettiToes ~ The Badgical
My Dumb Over-sized Stamps: A Brief Resurrectioning
Revenge of the Oversized Stamps: Araghen
Happy Birthday Badgery: AshleyKat
Son of the Over-Sized Stamps:ShannonandKlara
Revenge of the Oversized Stamps: Casey and Whitnee
Oversized Badgery: FSW The Birthdaying Part Deux
Oversized Badgery: The Return of Fortbanana
Dumb Oversized Badgery: Viral Edition
Dumb Oversized Badgery: Ask Month Annual 4
Dumb Oversized Badgery: KotDDD Ask Month 3
52 Rebirths of My Dumb Oversized Stamps: F-SW
Happy Birthday Badgery: Pete1672
Spread the Stamp: Jade!!!!! :)
Revenge of the Oversized Stamps: The Chick Ninja
Revenge of the Oversized Stamps: Harl
Revenge of the Oversized Stamps: Anya
Spread the Stamp: Suiish
Spread the Stamp: Bhudicae
Suka Stamp Taxing: A Fable

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Thanks for the fav, doc

Thank you for the Llama! :heart: Llama Hug xx

This is sooooo bloody awful!!!

Thank you for ⭐️ing!
Thank you for watching
The new set is campy fun and I told you I would keep my eyes peeled. 

Besides...who knows - there might be a barefoot quicksand mud bath shot on the DVD extras :P