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Battle Sister Superior

*Updated* - redone the colour, contrast and background/cloak.

This took longer than I wanted it to (for various reasons) but this is my Games Workshop WH40K Battle Sister piece finally done. She is a Battle Sister Superior kneeling with a power sword held out in her hands in front of an (unseen) altar of the Emperor in devotion to the cause of the Inquisition to eradicate all heretics. In the background is the Inquisition icon.

Drawn with 2B mechanical pencil on Bristol board and then digitally coloured.
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Nice work.

But I wonder, it seems, this girl is from the Inquisition (it's Inquisition insigia on picture, not the Ecclesiarchy one). Was that intentional?
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that shading technique!!!
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one thing in imperium Loved by it's mortal enemies

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Impressive. I love it!
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Thankyou! Much appreciated! =D
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This is quite awesome.
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Amazing piece, great detail.
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Much appreciated!!
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Most welcome! :)
I love the Sisters of Battle. :lol:
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Glad you like her =D
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Awesome, I love the pose! The Sisters of Battle, one of my favorite teams!:D
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Thanks, much appreciated! I love the whole Joan of Arc look they have =D
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Your welcome! Yes that is what I think, I especially like the ones with the white hair. They seem more pure. (Sigh) Why can't real nuns have guns too. :D
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apart from thinking that the Face could need a bit more Contrast, and shadows to really fit with the dark armored body, even if she is pale (and Battle sisters are most of the time ^^) there would be contrast.

but apart from that GReat, i especially like the Metal!
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Thanks for the comments, they're much appreciated! =D

The soft pencil work on her face is deliberate as it's my own style (pencil work coloured and manipulated digitally which ends up in a watercolour-like finish) and the contrast between her face and the more brutal aspects of the Imperium (armour and iconography) was also part of the piece. Not everyone likes it (I use the same effect in my Orc/Eldar piece) but it makes for a striking visual effect.
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:) okay, to make it clear i like it, but still think the head/face seems a bit disconected to the rest but the longer I look it could also be something about shoulders, and colarbones... but that would be an efect caused by the armour design ( something GW would have screwed up ;) ) ... so I still think it is a great picture, just this one thing bugs me, but if its intended I just shut up ;)
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Lol! You don't need to shut up at all, I like having feedback on my work :-)
There was some interpretation of the GW Battle Sister miniature as the poses I've seen of them were all leaning forward whilst standing (in a battle pose) rather than leaning partially back whilst kneeling. I guess if more of her shoulders were showing it'd look a little more natural...drawing from miniatures creates some interesting challenges :lol:
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absolutely! ^^ I still think it is easyer than other way around at least for me.. i just can't do 3d stuff ^^
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Lol! I can't do 3D either, that's definately beyond me!
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