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Archer Realist Drawings

Recently, I've gotten really into the latest series of Archer. I've always loved this show, it's clever and funny and dark and wonderfully voiced by an incredible cast. 
I've been drawing some of the main characters as if they were real people. Here's Archer, Lana and Cheryl. I might do some more later, but these drawings take so long to complete and honestly, they were a bit of a struggle to finish. They're pretty rough, a little shinier than I'd initially planned for but I thought I'd upload them because the people I've shown seem to like them. 
As always, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. I don't always like the pieces I finish but I tend to learn a lot when I take on challenges outside my comfort zone
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kaaslave's avatar
It looks like you're making a video game. :)
Hey, may I use some of your Archer artwork in a fan mod I'm making for a spy game? I will of course credit you of as the creator and link to your work. If you have a Patreon or anything I will link to that too.
CatDogHeffer's avatar
Lana looks gorgeous! Can you do Pam, please!
Astrobeej's avatar
If you're taking on challenges outside of your "comfort zone"... Would the zone in which you find yourself be one of danger?
Sploosh. Outstanding
WoodleyDo's avatar
These are really cool Clap 
Bailesworth's avatar
Archer looks amazing!! Cheryl looks a little more cartoony than Lana and Archer but still well done!
Guest-3674's avatar
holy shit this is top notch
skyounkinzero's avatar
This is awesome!!
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