A Comparison of Structures

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This will be a comparison of three structures made using the Mandelbulb 3D program, for which I allowed everyone to use the parameters for.

The following structures will be looked at in the order in which they were posted:

Gothic Box     Gothic Box by HairBrainedScenes
     Pipe Mansion    Pipe Mansion by HairBrainedScenes     Snowflake   Snowflake by HairBrainedScenes

The Parameters for the above structures used these listed formulas:

Gothic Box - MengerKochV2, _SphereFolding2, and Amazing Box

Pipe Mansion - OctKoch, ATetraVS2, Quadrat3D

SnowFlake - OctKoch, ATetraVS2, FoldingIntPwr

    The comparisons we will be looking at, are along the following orientation lines.  Parallel to the Y axis at 45 degrees to normal and perpendicular to the XZ axis.  The cutaway views are as close to the center-lines of orientation as I can get, but will still give an exceptional view of the core structures to each piece.  These three structures utilizing different parameters all share some very similar properties.  As evidenced in the Cut-away illustrations, you will find folded flat plates, tubular pipes and globular masses but these same formations occur in structures of differing formulas.

Gothic Box

- Contains flat folded plates in conjunction with globular masses.

Gothic Box Cutaway by HairBrainedScenes

Pipe Mansion

-Made up primarily of rectangular boxes with globular masses and tubular pipes in the core.

Pipe Mansion Cutaway by HairBrainedScenes


-Consist of flat folded plates and tubular structures with tetrahedral masses at the core.

Snowflake Cutaway by HairBrainedScenes

I hope you find this enlightening and insightful as what we normally see on the outside of the Mandelbulb structures tends to hide even more amazing treasures inside.

Thanks for looking - Ken

© 2015 - 2021 HairBrainedScenes
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Peekeeboo's avatar
Great pieces, Ken.  Lots of wonderful detail.
HairBrainedScenes's avatar
Thank you Violet, very glad you had a look and liked what you saw.
Peekeeboo's avatar
Most welcome, dear friend.
SergioKodemo's avatar
Excellent instructive Journal. Thanks!:)

I gave up with Steam Plant. Was satisfied with the design, but couldn't get all of the pipes to join properly and look neat without destroying it. It will not be posted as it doesn't meet even my more optimistic sloppy standards. A variation of it with an added 5th formula will (with credit and the parameter, of course).

With Pipe Mansion, did several works with a different approach, which will be posted soon. The Navi is almost useless to see what you're really doing. Endless 1280p sized renders have to be done at final full size render values. Only way to see most screw ups. Now, traveling inside the fractal can be an amazing experience.

Haven't tried Snowflake yet.
HairBrainedScenes's avatar
I can see where you might be having problems with "Steam Plant".  The main formula that controls that whole fractal is SierpHilbert.  If you start with the base formula presets and have your iteration counts at 1, start by setting the formula for Amazing Box, the changes won't be too big all you want to do is get the box shapes as clear as possible.  On _FoldingCTetra3d, I found that basically the numbers act as switches with 0 being off and 1 being on, I used only FoldingC 2nd half and Folding XYZ.  Now SierpHilbert controls every thing else, Set Scale and Cscales to whatever size you need, add in Rotation angle if you are adventurous, Edge 1 and 2 control rectangular shapes from a set point.  Now the fun part, change the Iteration Count on Amazing Box to 2 and leave it, FoldingCTetra3d stays at 1, but SierpHilbert is increased until you get solid pipes, my setting is 4 but higher is ok.  Once there, go back and fine tune SierpHilbert until you get your final outcome and do a render.  I did all this with the Navi tool, there is a little check box that will set the Navi screen to High Quality that makes it easier to see what you are doing. 

Hope this helps anyone who reads it.
SergioKodemo's avatar
Thank you so much for the input!
Yes, I did notice SierpHilbert is the key to all. I was clueless about the order in which formulas had to be modified. Guess I screwed up from the start, and that defines everything you'll do next. I'm keeping your message as a reference. The parameter has a lot of potential indeed.
Never payed attention to the Navi's HQ mode, how obvious :stupidme:

It will indeed be helpful for everyone reading it, very kind of you. :)
HairBrainedScenes's avatar
Glad to have been of some assistance, I generally choose to work from the simplest areas to the more complex as that is the way I was taught growing up and working as a mechanic.
SergioKodemo's avatar
For sure!. I don't have a defined working method. That's why I get from great to disastrous results. I'll definitely bear your advices in mid. Thanks again!
Sabine62's avatar
Ohh thank you, Ken! This is an awesome explanation! I didn't know any of this, since I do not at all get along with SierpHilbert usually!
HairBrainedScenes's avatar
Awesome, because I've been told that sometimes my explanations can be a bit long winded and not reach there point.
Sabine62's avatar
Ok, then let me tell you that this time... you nailed it! ;)
HairBrainedScenes's avatar
Thanks, no need for reply Wink/Razz 
Sabine62's avatar
NoNo let that compliment sink in :}
Undead-Academy's avatar
Those are really cool , most of those formulas I rarely use :) thanks for showing us ;)
HairBrainedScenes's avatar
Thank you Patty, they are really fun formulas if you take the time, so glad you had a look at this.
Undead-Academy's avatar
Sabine62's avatar
Awesome treasuries in all three:) Which only goes to show that it pays off to be noisy and have a look 'inside' ;) Thank you for this comparison, Ken!:)
HairBrainedScenes's avatar
Thank you Sabine, for all your support with this and your insight.
Sabine62's avatar
LOL that should have been 'nosey'.
It's been fun, Ken! :) And a great pleasure!
PaMonk's avatar
Very Cool and great info this is very helpful thanks.
HairBrainedScenes's avatar
Thanks Barbara, I appreciate the feed back and I'm it is a helpful tool to use.
PaMonk's avatar
Yes so true and you are very welcome.:hug:
miincdesign's avatar
I played with all three, and I wish I could have found something as cool as just the cut away.  Maybe I will go back in and try again!

Thank you for this. 
HairBrainedScenes's avatar
You are very Welcome, there is nothing in there that says you can't adjust some of the parameters to make a new structure or clarify a structure that already exist.  These parameters are just a starting point.
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