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Welcome to the Hair Color Club! In this group, deviations are sorted by hair color for easy access, organization, and searching! (Because admin feels the need to organize everything, yay!)
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Jun 11, 2015


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Art Collection

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:bulletred: Rudeness is not allowed!

:bulletorange: Sort your submissions to the correct folder. I'm only human!
Every folder will have a description to help you decide where to submit.

:bulletyellow: All mature content MUST have the mature filter on them. That being said, please do not submit anything overly sexual. Admin has the right to decide if it's too much.

:bulletgreen: Any type of art can be submitted, from anime to MLP to photography to cartoons, etc. So yeah, anything, even animals.

:bulletblue: To keep up a quality control, try to submit your best!

:bulletpurple: There is a submission limit of 3 per day.

:bulletpink: Please only submit deviations where the hair is noticeable. If there is very little hair showing (i.e. mostly covered by a hood or the character shown is very, very small) this isn't the group for it. This group was made to celebrate the diversity in hair colors, so if we can't see it, we can't celebrate it.


Hey guys! Read ahead if you're looking for new ideas!

My sister and I run a Red vs Blue art blog on Tumblr, where we create art, comics, ask questions, talk about the show, all that. But lately we've been looking for more people to provide artwork for it. All you gotta do is send us something through Tumblr submissions on the blog (but if you don't have a tumblr, no worries, you can just send it to me through links or even submit it to dA and mention me so I find it).

What we're looking for:
-Basically we mostly want to see our Red vs Blue fan concepts in other people's styles.
-If you have your own Red vs Blue fan concepts you think we'd like, we'll take those too.
-Fully armored Reds and Blues (or other RvB characters if you'd like).

What we're NOT looking for:
-Shipping. We do not like RvB shipping (besides Yorkalina and Chex...might be others, I dunno, probably not) and we don't want it on our blog. So don't even think about trying to send us Grimmons or anything like that.
-Red vs Blue OCS. These are kind of WTF to us. We don't want them.
-Blatant hate art, but that should be a given. It's just rude.
-Anything you did not draw. Don't do that. Art theft is not cool. Unless you suggest this project to someone else, they draw something for it, and you get their permission to send it to us. Other than that, just don't.
-Anything not Red vs Blue related. I wouldn't even be asking if I wanted stuff that wasn't RvB (or even Rooster Teeth) for our RvB blog.

Skill level:
-We don't really care. As long as it looks like you tried, we'll look at it.
-Digital or Traditional, doesn't matter.

Now, we're not paying anybody for this, so it isn't commission-based, therefore not anything you're expected to do. This is just something fun I want to suggest to people and hopefully someone out there will want to do it. The blog is semi-popular and you WILL be featured on it if we accept your work. We'll even link to your deviantArt if you want us to.

The blog itself is here:

You can submit artwork to us via Submissions there, or you can send something to me through links on this forum thread or by mentioning me in the deviation itself if you post it to dA.

I look forward to your contributions! Let me know if you have any questions, too!
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