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Revoice OW: Abellana Bortano

Name: Abellana Bortano
Age: 23
Birthday: September 27th
Gender: Female
Orientation: Biromantic/asexual
Species: Thuringian Goat + Black Eagle

Height: 5'10 (6' with heels, 6'5" w/ horns & heels)
Build: Medium
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light blue (Dark brown when shifted)

Title: The Krampus 
 Umbral Cloak
Abellana uses mana to draw in the shadows around her, covering her in darkness. This allows her to move short distances through the shadows cast by buildings, nature, and objects without being seen and provide an essence of stealth to her fights.
Though theoretically making her 'invisible', she still produces noise and if you have keen eyesight you can see slight distortion in the shadowed area she's in and possibly even her outline. The longest it can last is approximately 20 minutes, but it completely drains her energy. Instead, she will use it in short bursts that last anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. The time it takes to recharge is, of course, dependent on how long she uses it for.

Used for under a minute = Tends to recharge just as quickly.
Minute bursts (Using it for around one minute, deactivating it, then reactivating) = Can effectively keep using bursts for around 30 minutes until she starts to get tired. Needs 5-10 minutes to recharge.
10-15 minutes straight = 30 minute cooldown
Full 20+ minutes straight = 1 hour cooldown. Potential for improving on this time with training.

It's not to be mistaken for teleportation; it merely conceals her figure so long as she stays in the shadows. In other words, if she wanted to get from Point A to Point B while cloaked, she would still have to walk all the way there as she would if visible. Furthermore, she can still be injured while Umbral Cloak is in effect.

Minor Skill(s): 
Shift: Abellana can become more in tune with her eagle side. Though she can't become a full eagle, she does display physical traits that include: feathers growing out of her skin, hands/feet becoming talons, and her eye color changing. She also gets a boost in particular stats from this skill (see stat sheet below).
Iron Grip: She has a grip that showcases her physical strength combined with her eagle genetics, making it very difficult to break free. When shifted, she is able to pierce into the skin with her talons.
Shadow Whip: Can send mana through her whip, giving it a boost of offensive magic. Upon making contact with its target the whip will leave a stinging black mark that, after a few minutes, becomes a soot-like substance that can be brushed or washed away. The spell only lasts until it hits something and takes 5 minutes to recharge.

Weapon: Chain whip (10 sections)
Weapon Type: Semi-Ranged/Close combat
Combat Style: A combination of tactics and brute force, Abellana will use the chain whip to incapacitate or bring an opponent closer before finishing the job with her bare hands. If she knows she's outmatched or doesn't need to kill the opponent, she will either try to incapacitate and move on or evade attacks until she can get away safely.

Guild: N/A
Status: Hero
Occupation: Gathers ingredients from around Voxis to ship back to her mother's apothecary.

Likes: Coffee, hazelnuts, clocks, fish, rain, necklaces, high places, piano, roses
Dislikes: Loud noises, talking to people, physical contact, heat, young children, when her horns get caught on things
Hobbies: Taking things apart and putting them back together, reading, taking walks, experimenting with making potions, exercising
Personality: Guarded, stoic, stubborn

Home Region: Obsidian
Current Setting: Ruby (Moves around a lot)
Things were very simple for Abellana when she was a child. Her parents, Talia and Ludovic, were very loving towards their only child and balanced raising her with running an apothecary in the small Obsidian town. Though naturally quiet and not too keen on being around others, she was able to handle it well and even had a few friends! Oftentimes, she would be teased for her frail and sullen appearance or, more rarely, about her parents being different species. It never really seemed to bother her, and at the time she focused more on her studies and what little training she had for her abilities. Aside from this, there was nothing out of the ordinary for her life as a child. 

That simplicity ended soon enough for Abellana when, at the painfully naive age of 13, she was tricked by those she considered friends and she found herself just a little too far outside of the town. The area was dangerous for those unskilled and definitely no place a child should be, with monsters and who knows what else lurking in the shadows. Forced into defending herself from attackers, the physically weak Abellana ended up suffering severe trauma to her left arm that shattered the bone and irreparably damaged the nerves. When that happened, all thoughts of defense went out the window and she used the last of her strength and adrenaline to run away. It didn't matter where as long as she found someone that was hopefully friendly. Eventually, blindly, she managed to stumble back to her hometown. She was quickly whisked off to the doctor by stunned residents, who knew Abellana to never stray far from home. When her parents arrived, terrified and confused, they asked Abellana what had happened when she was able to speak again. The blame was pointed to the children who'd tricked her, who swiftly denied their involvement. They spun a story of Abellana recklessly running off without them, convincing the adults of the lie and turning their backs on her without regret. 

Once she was discharged from the doctor's, Abellana confronted the others, asking why they had lied. They rebuffed her, telling her to screw off and to stop acting like they were friends. This baffled Abellana, so she pressed for answers and only received more vitriol in return. It was explained to her that everything had been a fabrication; they never really enjoyed her company, seeing her more as a nuisance and easy target than anything. She was told to keep quiet and stop pushing the situation, as they didn't want people knowing about it to negatively affect their futures. 

Due to the shock of the incident and everything following it, Abellana regressed and became extremely agoraphobic and withdrawn. Her trust in anyone was demolished, and even her parents couldn't help her emotional state. The years of self-isolation turned Abellana bitter towards everyone around her, humans and hybrids alike, with the assumption that they would always end up finding a way to harm her in the end.
A few years into this, she decided to make better use of the time alone and began exercising and training her magic so she wasn't physically wasting away and to defend herself if needed. Between that and reading heaps of books, this was how Abellana passed her time.
When her father became an accidental casualty of the Obsidian Territory War, Abellana took his place as the gatherer for the apothecary at 20 years old. This was partly due to her mother's extensive efforts to get Abellana out into the world and experience life rather than continue to be shut off from everyone. It worked to some degree; having her travel all around Voxis for potion ingredients did force her to interact with strangers and learn how to adapt to the different environments. Shortly into this period of her life, she picked up the chain whip as a weapon after seeing them produced in Obsidian and having her interest piqued. With the help of books and many injuries from smacking herself every-which-way with it, Abellana grew to a proficient level in using the whip effectively. She has since learned how to incorporate it into her fighting style, giving her a bit of distance between herself and an enemy.

Unfortunately, despite the time she's spent traveling, Abellana was never able to form any meaningful bonds with anyone due to her defenses having been built up so high; she sees the job with the apothecary as nothing more than an obligation and will follow it until something else takes its place.
So, she continues to travel across the lands for ingredients, shipping them back to Obsidian and receiving her share of profits in return. A dull life for a girl that thinks the same of herself.

Overview: Damaged from the past, Abellana keeps to herself and wills away any strong feelings so as to not show vulnerability. She is actively determined to not let anyone get close to her and pushes people away if they try. While this comes off as rude and makes her seem particularly hateful, underneath it all is simply the fear of being hurt once again. 

- Abellana has a prevalent Obsidian accent.
- She's had insomnia for the better part of her life. After the incident, it only got worse as she is frequently plagued with nightmares. Potions and natural remedies have shown to have no effect on it.
- She loves the sound of the piano and wishes to learn how to play it.
- Abellana essentially never wears short sleeves and will go out of her way to assure she doesn't have to if at all possible.
- Her hair is very soft.
- Her manner of speech is almost over-the-top formal, but not necessarily polite. 
- When she does have someone she cares about, she becomes very protective of them.
- If there aren't any ingredients she needs to be collecting, she'll hang around whatever region she's currently in for a while.
- The small key she wears around her neck goes to an ornate box back home. Wonder what's inside?

Abellana's Stats | Shifted Stats
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welcome to the group!!! Abellana looks great. I love the idea of a Krampus!
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aaa welcome to the group!!! she sounds so cool i cant wait to meet you and her >:0c!! 
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Ahhh thank you so much!! I hope to rp with you too!! 
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WELCOME TO THE GROUP!! Can't wait to see you and Abellana!
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