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I can't believe I didn't post any journal entries for the entirety of 2013 lawl.

I'm on my way to the final semester of my Digipen education. Going to be pretty worried about getting a job. But.. for now, I'll just enjoy the rest of my student life lol.

2013 was okay i guess, there's really shitty moments and there's really good ones. Time sort of skipped for me since I was in Redmond for 3 months, and there's a strange sensation the moment I was back in Singapore like as if the 3 months didn't really happen. I kept relating to the events in Singapore 3 months ago, after I'm back like it was yesterday, then I realise that there was a passing of 3 months and some things are different already lol. Like how the video game shop assistant just pretty much ignored me when I walked in because I hadn't visit that place for 3 whole months when i almost do so every 2-3 times a week when I was around lol. Weird.

In any case, I have a simple portfolio website now. Please do check it out!

Also, I know I have been getting occasional requests from some watchers, but I apologize that I probably won't have the time at this point since I'm pretty much on my final semester with projects and stuff. So please bear with me, lol.
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Hey people, it's been a whole ONE YEAR since my last journal entry lawl.

That's a really fast one year D;

Doing my studies in Digipen now, and to be honest, it's taking up alot of my time. Anime still keeps me going though lol.

I've been featured recently in Culturepush, do check the link out! :D…

Other than that? Really nothing much. lol. Kinda brain-dead nowadays.
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It's finally over. My 2 years of compulsory military conscription. I'm really grateful that in my 2 years, i at least have enough time to continue drawing to a certain extent (and video-gaming, duh).

Before i write more. What's up with DA nowadays? The site's really unstable with all the "Page can't be found" bullshit. Basically, anything i do will follow up with a error page. I bet after i write finish this journal and click Submit, it'll give me the same thing. So i'll copy and paste the text elsewhere when i'm done. It's still pretty annoying though, don't try to fix something that isn't broken, DA, about a few months ago, the site was at least still stable. Bring that back. OR..... is it just me?

So i ord on the 15 of June. I didnt manage to get any journal and stuff out because right after i ord-ed, a crazy amount of work came lol. Cosfest was just a week and a half away. Collateral Damage Studios has some new stuff waiting for you this weekend.

Comicsworld (Or Cosfest)

Downtown East at Pasir Ris, the place where the bmt bus always passes by, LOL

25th and 26th of June, Sat and Sun.

First off, we got the BRS vs Touhou Book OUT. It's done. Thanks for the wait, those guys who preordered. Check out our site for more information.... RIGHT HERE STARRY NIGHT

Then, we have Madoka too. There's the scroll poster by Xeph which many of you would have know by now. And a new addition to the Madoka Pool with Puella Magi Strapsssss. 5 mahou shoujos, each printed on a 2-inch hard acrylic fitted with a strap for you to hang. You might have seen my new upload, so i'll just leave you with the link to the website for the finer details lol. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Trading Straps

Hope to see you at Comicsworld (or Cosfest) on the 25th and 26th June and please do pay our CDS booth a visit if you're around!
...And, i'll just copy the text and paste it somewhere, because DA is sure to give me a page error the moment i click on "Publish Entry", lol.
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It was Dec 27 2009 the last time i wrote a journal. Since it's past midnight here, Dec 08 2010... Lol.

2010's finally coming to an end. It's been a great year, though i'm in national service. Made a couple more friends, completed my basic military training recourse (since i rage-quit = phailed the last time), and had an epic, EPIC Anime Festival Asia.

For starters, read this report by Collateral Damage Studios on why AFA was epic.…

To welcome a very special guest to this year's Anime Festival Asia in Singapore, Kana Hanazawa,(think Durarara's Anri, Angel Beats' Tenshi, Black Rock Shooter), we decided to do a 5 Prints Set featuring the characters that she has voiced before. From my submitted works, you can see Nadeko from Bakemonogatari and there are also 4 other awesome pics done by :iconsupercynic: :iconxephonia: :iconmistayoh:
They don't really update their DA anymore so you can check out the pixiv pics here.
Supercynic's Cencoroll:…
MistaYoH's Kanade:…
Xeph's works aren't uploaded yet :3

I managed to squeeze in to the front, just right behind a boundary gate. It was almost sad that the AFA committee decided that we shouldnt snap any pictures or take any videos of this lovely voice actress, for whatever reason there may be lol. Nevertheless, I kept my camera and just prepared myself for a good show.

Kana Hanazawa came out onto the stage and i melted lol. Her voice was just too cute. She answered some questions, which were better questions picked than last year's K-ON! girls AFA event. She also hinted that in terms of anime characters, she find herself to be most like Nadeko, much to the crowd's delight (by screaming), though she quickly retracts her statement and added that she doesnt think she's as cute as Nadeko; to which a group of fans near me screamed "Kana Kawaii yo!"

She then move on with her live dubbing for scenes from Angel Beats (the final scene between Kanade and Yuzuru) and Black Rock Shooter (Kuroi Mato scene). She manages to hit all the right timings, and was really really impressive, especially how she can change from a more quiet Kanade to the upbeat Mato in an instance.

Then came the million dollar situation, Kana is to pick 5 lucky winners to recieve her signature! And to add in the fun, she's not gonna sign on lame cardboards! But they don't wanna let us know what she's gonna sign on! A staff member walks out and passes Kana something, the host took up one of that "something" and the camera zoomed in on it, projecting the image on the screen at the stage. It was my Nadeko and i didn't recognise it for a few secs. Then Kanade was shown and then BRS. It was the Kana Hanazawa set that we were selling at our booths. I was going nuts. THOSE WERE GONNA BE SIGNED BY THE VOICE ACTRESS HERSELF AND BE GIVEN OUT AS PRIZES.

The biggest stab in the balls? I didn't get it lol (duh). Still, I'm honored, incredibly happy and felt really high that Kana signed on something i drew. No doubt, it's a big big motivation booster for me and it will push me to go further lol.

Easily, that was one of the best memory that i get to keep in the past 4-6 years, lol. It was just so epic for me at that point that i was shouting WTF and OMG while the fans are screaming for Kana to pick them for the prize.

I was smiling throughout the whole event, even during the next day after that. :) Here's to her successful career as a seiyuu. *raises cup of coffee that happens to be nearby*

With that said, CDS is doing something new again. A doujin emcompassing Touhou AND Black Rock Shooter. Interested to find out more? Go here for the details:…

Next, on graphite, joined it again this year but only got a Honorary mention this time round lol, ORZ yeah. Nobody to blame except myself, since i was starting to get back into some serious PS3 gaming. Speaking of which, guys, BUY ASSASSIN'S CREED BROTHERHOOD. It's too good.
also get ready for some parasite eve action in THE 3RD BIRTHDAY, Maaya Sakamoto voices Aya Brea, who happens to be a really hot 3DCG girl now compared to her PSone days lol.

And so.... i have 6 more months to go for my national service, there's a little bit of light up in the tunnel ahead. Hope time flies faster than it already is lol.

I'm currently feeling immense regret and disappointment at my own stupidity. T_T

Blame myself for assuming things too much.

Yui Makino came down to EOY 09, i knew that. But i didn't feel like getting a ticket. I was told there would be an autograph session but i ASSUMED that only those who bought the tickets can get their stuff signed on.


Assumption 1: I thought only those who bought the tickets to enter the concert will get a chance for her to give you her autograph.

Assumption 2: I thought like in AFA 08, i thought it's usually not allowed to bring your own stuff to sign on, but rather on something the event provides.

Action: I didn't bring my "ARIA the Box" CD Album, a music compilation of every single music that appear in ARIA. Yes, including Yui's songs in ARIA.

Result: I had to buy a single that was sold during the event to get her to sign on. It's satisfactory, but as an ARIA fan, i know i can feel that unexplainable orgasm of having the singer of "Undine" sign on the very album of your beloved anime.


When i heard Yui Makino was coming quite some time back, i felt that as an artist and as an ARIA fan, i should prolly give her a gift made by us, CDS, then i remembered the ARIA calendar.

Assumption 1: I thought like with all japanese celebrities, their managers will be badass looking assassins that won't let you near the celebrities; to ask them to accept your gifts would be impossible.

Action: I changed my 2009 calendar dates to match the 2010 dates. i EVEN checked out the japanese holidays and marked them out. Went to the printing company to source out the price also. but stopped shortly after assuming things.

Result: The managers were nice people...

I'm feeling this tight grip on my chest every time i think that there is no second chance...
*Bangs head on table*
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#CxD0001 - After School Tea Timers

Firstly, do check out this link:…

Description of Product:
Azunyan is tired of the club being such a slacker club and thus motivates everyone to prepare for another performance. However, what is a K-on story without the antics of our lovable characters doing cute, funny things? Don't forget to throw in obligatory D*C reference from our satsugai-loving artists.

As a final product to cap 2009 and start off 2010, CDS has collaborated with up-and-coming art group, Daiyaku for the first time to bring to you this K-on story, After School Tea Timers.  Featuring full colored illustrations and a series of 4 komas from artists of both groups, this doujin is a must-have for any fans of K-on.

One 28 page B5 doujin-15 SGD

'After School Tea Timers' will have a limited release this EOY and more stocks will be released for future events.


Remember, it's a full color illustrations + 4-koma collection! :) Do drop by the CDS booth or the Daiyaku's booth to take a look at it.
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This year the organisers are a pretty aggressive bunch eh? The security is boosted up, and you have the crew screaming at visitors to keep their cameras like officers shouting at recruits in BMT.

Lesser attractions to make space for a bigger and oddly-positioned stage, and black curtains to keep those eyes that didn't pay for the bomb-priced tickets, away.

For starters, i believe the crew can invest some money into buying big boards that says "Strictly no photography allowed" instead of shouting at the same group of people who paid you 25 bucks to enter the event. and about a hundred bucks more to enter the concert. As the saying goes: "Don't bite the hands that feed you"

Secondly, it also helps to know that the crowd you are dealing with are civilians, so lay off the army style guiding and questioning, it's shameful when it's used on foreign visitors.


But! Not everything was sucky, while i hate ugly-faced dudes standing up high in front of the crowd shouting at visitors to keep their cameras while pointing at them right before the K-ON event, the appearance of the K-ON girls were more than enough to appease me lol.

All of them look fabulous. Not surprisingly, Ayana Taketatsu (Azunyan) has somewhat the smallest frame among the 4 girls who were here (Mio didn't come). The best part was Ayana said her "Nyan~" line when the question posed to the girls was what was their favourite line. It made me buy that 12 dollar strap thingy of Azusa's guitar hnngh.

Did a few sucky demos on the intuos4 in the extravaganza booth, haha, thanks to those who actually liked it, +confidence boost. Walked around the booths in the event like dam hell lot of times. Sucks that the figure shops all didn't feel like Santa Claus in this year's AFA. When there's like only 2 hours left till the end of the event, reduce the price godammnit! They were all sitting there and staring into space... that, and some were already friggin' packing up. It's pretty pointless to bring your products into a suntec event at the same price right? What incentive would there be to get that toy from you now when i know you priced it exactly the same at your store?!

Lots of great cosplays this year, and i mean great, man some are just smoking hot, i didn't take any pictures but i'm sure those who went feels the same.

Hope the next year's will be better eh? I swear i did hear some visitors saying how there's nothing much this year compared to AFA'08. I know it did made me pretty crazy about Azunyan at the moment, hur hur. Come on baby, say nyan for me~ *crazy albedo laugh*
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Here, lol. Just informing anyone who's interested.…

There's still 9 more days if you wish to try though lol. I'm trying. and I've just started.

No, not really actually, i just spend alot of my time thinking about the theme and how to make it special. Nothing came to my head.

Till, like... 2 nights ago. lol. So i'm giving it a shot now.

No doubt, i'm gonna get rectally violated. lol lol lol.
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As a Persona 3 fan for almost 2 years, I've grown to favour Aegis over other girls in the game given my andriod-fetish.

And when you are a figure collector and you talk about Aegis, you gotta have this one, right? I started getting into figures pretty late and by the time I was into it, most of the figures of characters i like are outdated, sold out and/or just friggin' rare.

Today's journal entry will touch on how i actually managed to get THIS ALTER AEGIS figure today (27 Aug 09) after 1 and a half year of searching. I'll put it in point form.

On August 25th,

-I had posted a search on a local forum marketplace, requesting to buy this figure quite some time ago. Someone directed me to a certain shop (Mikel'z in Lucky Chinatown) saying that they saw one more Alter Aegis there.

On August 26th,

-I googled the shop name and found nothing, i was disappointed. Then i just type latendo for fun and from latendo, i saw that they were linked to this gashapon supplier which has Mikel'z on their list of links. I found the number from more searching, gave the shopowner a call.

-Me and Mikel'z owner exchanged a few mails, and soon the result was that last piece of Aegis is sold out too. Urgh, too late.

-Out of emo-ness and randomness, i surfed Ebay, and found one Alter Aegis that's currently on bid. US$36, and shipping US$27, and it will be higher since there's like 4 more days to the bid. I'm hesitant if i should go for this. There's another Buy Now Aegis going for about US$200++ pfft.

-I gave up for the day.

On August 27th,

-Again, out of randomness, i googled "Alter Aegis for sale" and check on the "pages from Singapore"

-Then i saw the first result of the search which was totally out of place in the website that's selling lots of weird shit like crystal accessories and crap. And the Aegis ad was posted on like Aug 25th, 2 days ago?! Looks phony as well. But it has a number and i'm desperate so i rang the seller up.

-Contrary to what you see in the screenie, the price was actually SG39.90 at first, and when i called and "reserved" the piece, the seller went to update the page and set it to SG59.90 for god knows what reason. After seeing that i knew something was up, i knew i told her to let me reserve till this coming Saturday to get it and she said okay, but somehow it feels like a BID to me now.

-The seller explained that she's a middle-person and that the price was set by her, she's just here to get rid of his stuff, and according to her, since the ad was recently up, they were about to change the price as the client complained to her that 39.90 was too cheap.

-I changed my mind and decided to head down to the stated address to collect the figure from right after work today.

-I trekked unknown lands and asked around on how to get to the destination lol. And when i finally arrived i found myself standing outside a...

Travel Agency.

I was stunned for awhile before going in and saying that i'm here to get a figure without trying to look like an idiot. The guy inside directed me to this section selling all sorts of stuff, and i see Aegis among them, i asked, "39.90?" and he said yea. I took a quick check and the figure itself is brand new still having plastic wrappings stuck to her while the box looks like it's been raped before lol.

But screw it, 39.90? not like it's 299 US bucks on Ebay.

Picture 1
Took a picture of her.

Picture 2
The Jack Frost Seal of Originality! lol, all Atlus related stuff has this, this was what assured me.

And now Aegis is sitting on my scanner next to me and what can i say? I hope Alter don't ass-rape me like it did when i paid SG150 for Alter Fate Testarossa only to have them re-release (and be sold at SG80) about 3 months after i bought mine.

It's certainly a special way for me to finally obtain Alter Aegis, there's certainly this sense of satisfaction after clawing thru forums and forums, asking this and that.

Hmm~ my sweet android waifu.

On a side note, KOS-MOS by Volks is friggin' sick looking, but i don't have the finances for it. OTL.
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But this year's WF is going to return to my unruly ways.
'cept that i have NS pay now, lol.

The links first over here. Coverage by wcloudxkumo's blog.

Part 1 -…
Part 2 -…

Now, i've done this before during one of the WF, i think it was for last year's. A want-list! ...In order of the MOST wanted to the "just-want-it-cuz-it's-so-hot"

01. ALTER - Selvaria Bles (Valkyrie Chronicles)
Frickin' awesome, i know i did fantasize her being made into a figure by ALTER, but this is too much of a dream come true. I like her alot in Valkyria Chronicles and have played thru all her DLC packs lol. Now all they need is to make and pair her with awakened Valkyria Alicia as well. Die die must get.

02. ALmecha ALTER - KOS-MOS Ver. 4 (Xenosaga)
My waifu. Didn't know ALTER's gonna dip their hands into posable figures too, can this beat figma? I cant believe they gave her transclucent hair for her posable figure as well; great stuff. And all that changeable weapons, not sure how, but you can even open up her chest area for the D-TENERITAS if you see the pics behind her carefully, sure looks hot. Sounds like a long time though... Winter 2010... oO

03. ALTER - Mercedes (Odin Sphere)
Since i got the Gwendolyn from ALTER as well, this Mercedes is obviously a set, just look at the elaborate base. Ok well, i like Odin Sphere, and another reason is, she's voiced by Noto Mamiko, i know that's a screwed-up reason but whatever. lol.

04. ALTER - Saber Maid (Fate Stay Night)
Again? Looking at the frills, it could be the same sculptor, the last figure of the same costume has crazy craaaazy frills man, it was actually my second figure that time and i still find it hot now. Love the chibi version mopping along side with the big one. Seriously, somehow Saber's maid costume just look hotter than other maid costumes, imo.

05. Good Smile Company - Nendoroid Ryogi Shiki (Kara no Kyoukai)
She's Shiki! And a Nendoriod!

06. Max Factory - VN02 Hatsune Miku
Hot. Like KOS-MOS. I seriously love the details, it's crazy. But i got a feeling this is a event only figure. It's pretty same sexy too, those curves.

07. Good Smile Company - Canaan (Canaan)
Still trying to get used to the series. But a cool heroine nonetheless. This figure also has one dam good pose, i like the cloak adding to the motion.

08. MegaHouse - Kasugano Sora (Yasuga no Sora)
From an eroge that i really like. I liked her bikini the first time i saw it too, elegant loli? She's really cute in the eroge. But then again, i'm not too confident of Megahouse stuff. That's why she's at number 8.

09. Max Factory - Kousaka Tamaki (To Heart 2)
Not pictured in links but she's in the event. Finally a branded Tama-nee lol. and a pretty raunchy pose. But i would still prefer the bra strap biting one, if not for Koto's shiny skin syndrome.

Whew... This is pretty screwed up yeah? But i love that Japan is still giving KOS-MOS attention after the end of Xenosaga 3. Maybe this might give some hope for Xenosaga 4? :)
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I've been wanting to get a PSP for quite a while now. My urge finally came after a month in NS, which is a retardedly bad timing.

Good and bad, i use some parts of the pay to get it. Like many weird habits of bloggers to show the loots they had bought, i felt i had to show mine too lol. XD

I think after this, i'm not gonna get anything for quite a while.…

The RIO artbook is totally hot. The other artbook's on Chrome-Shelled Regios, which is very unique given the detail and paintstyle.

Most of the games you see here are second hand lol. So it' aint that bad afterall right? Project diva obviosuly i had to get a new one. It's my first rhythm game, in fact; and i suck majorly at it, guess i need some getting use to.

It's been a good... retail therapy. PSP, though portable, is still gonna stay at home and only to be touched 1 & a half day by me, bringing this baby into camp? no wai.

I wanna thank my parents for this. :)
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To POP. At least thats what my father counted, excluding all the weekends and public holidays. I actaully included RT in all weekends just to get the lousier scenario.

The 2 weeks confinement was... stressful. Physically, i could still take it, but mentally, i keep breaking down.

It's a big change in rules, and life. I can't emphasize how hard it is to adapt to the trainings and timings and all the tekaning. especially from the previous lifestyle i've been having till now.

My boots were too tight, and had a growth and an in-grown toe nail as present. Went for a day surgery to get it out. Waste of my book-out time.

During my first book-out, seeing my parents again was something i didnt expect to feel. Just this simple 2 weeks made me realised how much i've taken my parents for granted.

Seriously, appreciate your parents.

On a lighter side, army lingo is really funny. Double up, water parade and somemore, they can be used to replace normal terms and generate humourous effects. Some of the recruits actually told the bus uncle driving our book-out bus to "double up" and i think he actually understood. Then drinking water is now referred to as water parade, remember to raise that arm 90 degrees first. lol.
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I switch on the com, and then there's this engine noise, like a fan spinning super fast.

Then i punch the computer fan, the noise stop, the com starts.

Then after 2 hours or so or, the com hangs, everything just freezes.

I have to force shut down, and the process repeats again.

Thus, the lack of updates for a while.

You know who you are ;), if you're reading this, and someone else is handling the poster then all is fine. Work just cant be done in this condition.

But i'm going to try another attempt, but i guess it doesnt matter whether it will be used or not.
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Here's a trailer to my game, sorry it's abit dark, link directs to high quality version of it. Thanks waha lol.

Yes, indeed.

A year long of working on a group project 3D game. Everything from the 2D art, 3D modelling, texturing, animation, packaging and even posters. It all came to an end yesterday, after the presentation.

The group did well. It was a smooth ride this year, maybe some bumps here and there, but it was generally smooth all the way. No long-term ignoring, no epic arguments, no conflicting views. Hell, from the first quarter of the project to the last minute of it, there wasnt any calls among the members to change anything; which is good, because even one member saying that the game might not be what they are interested to work on will down the group's morale.

Much much more was accomplished compared to last year's 3D game project.

In any case. Now that the group project's out of the way. It's time for the remaining 40% of the result. Portfolios, demoreels and personal website.

Which i'll now advertise. lol, this is my personal website. I'm not much of a coding person, so this html/css template was grabbed from somewhere and modified upon. Very noobish and simple template, but oh well.. no time, 24th is the deadline for everything.

Another thing, i haven't said much about the ARIA calendar project since the last journal cuz i was going through an emo phase. Thanks :iconwraith11: for pulling me out of the phase by giving me his support of the calendars and even recommending them to others. I've got 3 sets left now, sooo... :)
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EDIT: Not only Singapore. For overseas customers who are interested, please email for more info.

Collateral Damage Studios is doing a ARIA calendar thats gonna be on sale during Jan 31st's Cosplay Challenge event and SOY (start of year)

We'll update on the locations of the events much later, for now preorders come first XD.

Go to the website for more info

Or see a poster with more info here

The text:

Stagioni Calendar Set

*"Stagioni" means "seasons" in Italian, Aria had a piano arrangment released that's called "Stagione" meaning "season", just for tidbit info lol.

Artists: :iconhaimerejzero: :iconshingenjitsu: :iconstrayshadow:

One copy of an A3(297mm x 420mm) wall calendar with cover and four pages (each season)

Preorder Price SGD30
Onsite Price SGD35

Available through our C.D.S. booth during the above events should we get our allotted slots.

To preorder, please send your Contact Details and Name to We will also require $5 as preorder deposit.

For LOCAL orders you may pay your deposit on any Saturday before SOY or Cosplay Challenge at KKnM from 2pm- 5pm. There will be a CDS member stationed at the sofa before the KKnM counter. Should you want to do an online order, please e-mail to for more information.

Dates Alotted for Preorder





I dunno. The idea's not even finalised yet, at the very least i really really wants :iconstrayshadow: (hi, thanks lol) to do a piece :3

All i can say for now is...

Jan 31.

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[Disclaimer!: Author is a slack otaku who prefers to rot at home, and might be venting frustration on those who have blissful relationships in the face of envy and loneliness, as you might expect him to be. Read article with a pinch of salt]

In the light of certain events at school, several questions dawned to me. I'm going to write this journal to affirm my thinkings through my words. Putting my ideas down and stuff like that and read through them in the future.

A few questions:
-What is a friend?
-What is a relationship?

A friend of mine show me a blog yesterday, having a post stating about friendship. In that author's opinion, if you start a friendship with a person through same interest, you are being a selfish asshole only getting a friend because you want to show off or you are bored. Hell, he even says that you get friends from the same organisations you are in (same class, etc) because you wanna use him. He also states that friends would help you no matter what shit you are in (or along those lines).

Honestly? That's too good a deal, he's expecting true friends to be amounting to be Jesus himself. In my point of view, true friends are those that can say "no" to you, occasionally get into fights and can teach you a thing or 2, just as you to him/her. What's good in a guy/girl if it's "yes" to everything you say? There's a limit to everything, like you can't rip a friend off everytime you forget to bring your wallet.

And talking about the same interest, in my knowledge, anyone that comes to you without any prior knowledge of your interest or anything related to him is either: trying to get you into some religious activity, or is simply wants to have fast raep with you (if you are of opp. sex... or not *shiver*). Seriously, no matter how open you are, anyone or 2 strangers coming up to you and asking to be friends is trouble.

In short, i want a friend who's human. One who seems to have emotions and has a sane mind, not someone to creep me out, and definitely not jesus.

On that note, i also realised that the author didnt bother to say if he would be like that himself to his friends lol.

Next topic: Relationships. I'm happy when 2 good people get together you know. 2 good people will look good no matter what they look like. When either one of them is an asshole, the balance seems a little off. But that's not what i want to say.

To get to the point, i'm what "normal" people call weird. I'm sure i've touched on this topic many times. "normal" is defined by society. Let's have the whole society smoke in 10 years time, and the common death reasons will be lung cancer. But since it's common, no one will say a thing. Then let there be a guy who doesn't smoke. Is he weird? In technical terms, given that society, he is called a "social outcast".

EDIT: I deleted the whole paragraph here to rewrite it in a less smartass way.

In short: Everyone has their own circumstances. Don't want, can't find, don't dare, no time. Anything. It should never ever be used as a personal attack against him. (I'm guessing you know what's the reason of this rant by now)

The world would be pretty interesting if you switch it around, maybe like looking at porn is common while having a spouse is not, then the guy walking with his girl would get stares everywhere lol.

This whole "i like her, she likes you" hoo haa has gone on long enough, it's that topic every mixed gender environment would produce and it can last for a few hours of enjoyable gossiping.

But when it gets down to it, it's about placing priorities right. One musnt lose themselves in this. If something has to change, it should be from bad to good. Maybe stuff like: "my girl made me quit smoking", that would be pretty nifty.

But still, i dunno, Singapore is hardly a romantic place. come on, the places sucks. Even in orchard road, where many of teh couples go, us otakus will be there to whoop your ass and spoil your day with our kinokuniya bags and bags of ero ero magazines and artbooks that can be fapped to. The merlion sucks, the singapore flyer sucks, sentosa sucks, the zoo sucks, the beaches sucks, the museum sucks. Fuck, even the gardens sucks. Oh and the singapore river sucks too. Give me a place that gets the mood right without having to find a place that doesnt have tissues and cans strewn on the floor. And with the invitations given by our government to those friendly foreigners by the truckloads, i'm sure they'll have a good time watching you guys make out.

But that's just me, because i think an otaku girlfriend will be a few times hotter, playing eroge together? Reading up on how to draw good lingerie and human anatomy? Looking at half naked figures and comparing them? Getting her to cosplay? Coming over to your house for a date because you haven't found a way to defeat the final boss?

Hmm.. the future is bleak for me... D;
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To start off, I'll post some sites there provides alot of coverage on it.

Danny Choo's Coverage

Moeyo's Coverage; Alot of entries on it, go thru them all lol

AkibaHobby's Coverage; Many entries too.

It's totally Orgasmic. Alter, Max Factory and Good Smile Company has been my favourite companies and this time ALL 3 of them produce something that i really want.

Alter basically went all out, it's like they had mass orgy sessions with Atlus or something.

Alter's List of "do want":

Xenosaga 3 Kos-Mos Swimsuit - Really unexpected, like i was hyperventilating when i saw it, it came out of nowhere, Kos-Mos in her XS3 Swimsuit was the last thing i would expect any serious figure company to pick up, and 1/6 too, god, it's too awesome.

Persona 4 Amagi Yukiko - Another one, bam. First evidence that Alter is having orgy sessions with Atlus. Recently Alter's been releasing the Persona 3 girls one by one. I expect that the full cast will be out by next year. They did a really good job with yukiko, especially those details on her skirt and cardigan.

Odin Sphere Gwendolyn - 2nd Hit, see? Orgy evidence number 2. Never in my wildest dreams, a solid Alter figure on one of my fav games of all time, Odin Sphere... Any art-lovers should go play that game, it redefines hand-paint sprites. Alter's gwendolyn is beautiful, they gave her a characterised face which i like alot and a blatant upskirt shot, which is fantastic, lol.

Sengoku Rance Senhime - I played Sengoku Rance a few weeks back and i loved that game, it had no voice but the art was fantastic. Senhime also happened to be one of my fav characters of the many in the game, probably due to her resemblance to Kos-Mos. Nice armour designs as well, again, another surprise release from Alter. Maybe they are picking on Kotobukiya's Senhime. Unpainted, but i always trust Alter's paintjob. Hope they will pick up Omachi soon though.

Nanoha StrikerS Fate Testarossa - Her dual Zanbar form, unpainted, i can't say much about it other than the fact that i will only buy fate's figures of every nanoha series because somehow she always give me a feeling that she's worth it lol. But i do find her sculpt pretty plain looking.

Max Factory's list of "do want":

Ar Tonelico Croshe - I can't say much about her except that i like the artist's work alot (NAGI), and i also have Ruka with me, so, might as well let the pair be complete.

Good Smile Company's list of "do want":

Kara no Kyoukai Shiki Ryougi - No this is a must get, seriously, the anime is awesome, the character is awesome, she's so much deeper than Shiki Tohno seriously. Her kimono details are amazing as well, and the katana's a nice touch.

To-love-ru Golden Darkness - Cute, i love her character, but in this case it's merely a "i might want her" thing, since i didn't get the Lala.

Kotobukiya's list of "do want":

To Heart 2 Nanako - Nanako!! That pose, that attire, that expression. NO pedo-bear-possessed male will ever be freed. Her scuplt is sooo cute (or hot, depending on who you are), and that get-up just screams moe. She's up for preorder already in AmiAmi, but her price is disgusting, I think it's because of her damned cushion. Really a waste.
EDIT: She's a 1/5, 29cm, thus the price, lol, i tot she was 1/8 at first...

Unknown's list of "do want"

Fate Stay Night Saber - Toda's rendition of the Saber we all know. His rendition of Dark Saber was awesome too. Many complaints about the way he does the face but it addes a touch of realism, in my opinion. It seems to be under the company "Gift", not sure who it is.

Bamboo Blade Tamaki - That ultra cute kendo loli, really good looking sculpt, even better looking at Kotobukiya's one. Let's just hope this time the paintjob will be better than kotobukiya's one. Tamaki!!

If my finances does not allow for so many figures, i "die die" also have to scrape out enough for at least Kos-Mos Swimsuit!!! XD
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I've been to cosfest last year before, but it was a short visit, probably about 1-2 hours then I left.

This year was slightly different, I stayed for the entire duration of Day 1 since i'm part of CDS (yeah i'm bragging lol). The karaoke competition, the cosplays, the activitites.

Labelling myself as an otaku is a overstatement, i'm not even close. It occurred to me that i wasn't that hardcore in this hobby as i thought myself to be. I'm still a closet otaku, so to speak.

Hearing familiar songs that was sung made me feel a little warm inside. Seeing cosplays of my favourite characters was interesting. Above all, being surrounded by people who share the same hobby as me cannot be descibed with words.

I'm abit late in the anime scene, and i'm constantly surrounded by those who condemned it, makes fun of it and insults it. I didn't even dare to say to my secondary school friends that "Cardcaptor Sakura" was my first "real" anime (not counting pokemon, lol). They will probably just insult it anyway.

Things changed a little bit when i entered polytechnic, it's a game design course afterall, anime is prevalent in places like these. I became more opened about what i saw and what i buy. Then it expanded from there, I started to do anime cg, and that's only like 1 and a half years ago. Before that i could only draw monsters and demons; just to hide the fact that i like anime -_-

But at the cosfest, it's like the entire arena of people understands you. There's no need to hide anything because everyone's the same. Well, 'cept for the crappy MC who keeps pronouncing anime as -enemy-, can tell he's not really into it.

During the Nico Nico Douga, people cheered and some went onstage to sing along, i won't be able to imagine myself having the courage to do so. Very epic, lol.

Having 2 pictures in mind:
-One of a group a bi-spectacled youths going up on stage and arms locked onto each other while singing NND with the crowds cheering and singing along.
-One with skimpy (well, i'm all for skimpy, so i guess the right word is "badly", lol) dressed youths shaking their dumb heads off at some pubs and dirty talking each other.

Which would you pick? The society actually picks the second one for you by default. First one for me anyday.

In any case, thanks to anyone who supported CDS and bought the stuff! :) For those who bought the Talisman set, 4 of you should have gotten my miku-reimu art inside, lol. Hope you like it. Will do more in the future.