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Resident Evil cast

**NEW 06/21/14**

Kinda stopped working on this but I after finally seeing the newest Die Hard movie I've decided to revert my choice of Jack Krauser back to Jai Courtney, who was my original choice before going with his Spartacus co-star Manu Bennett.


MAJOR OVERHAUL and officially approved by Milla Jovovich herself. c0013438.cdn1.cloudfiles.racks…

Ok, after I used twitter to send Milla Jovovich the old version of my cast list (which she said was great… I got a few comments from other twitter users saying the text was a little hard to read. So I decided to change out the old font with a more readable version.

I also decided to reformat the cast images aswell, making them larger and redoing all of the pictures to make sure every single frame had the exact same dimensions.


I've seen some other people's Resident Evil casts on DA and on some other boards. I've posted individual pictures on boards before for my cast list but I decided to make a huge picture with everyone.

Ada Wong - Maggie Q
Albert Wesker - Michael Fassbender
Alexia Ashford - Rachel Nichols
Alfred Ashford - Cillian Murphy

Allyson - Isabel Lucas
Alyssa Ashcroft - Amber Valetta
Andy Holland - Chris Bauer
Annette Birkin - Vera Farmiga

Ark Thompson - Wes Bentley
Ashley Graham - Hayden Panettiere
Barry Burton - Ray Stevenson
Ben Bertolucci - Desmond Harrington

Billy Coen - Timothy Olyphant
Bitores Mendez - Robert Maillet
Brad Vickers - Steven Pasquale
Brian Irons - William Forsythe

Bruce McGivern - Ryan Kwanten
Carlos Oliveira - Álex González
Chris Redfield - Brandon Routh
Cindy Lennox - Yvonne Strahovski

Claire Redfield - Amber Heard
Dan DeChant - Michael Chiklis
Dario Rosso - Brian Howe
Dave Johnson - Ryan McPartlin

David King - David Giuntoli
Edward Dewey - Owain Yeoman
Enrico Marini - Jimmy Smits
Excella Gionne - Morena Baccarin

Fong Ling - Xiao Lu Li
Forest Speyer - Zach McGowan
George Hamilton - Kyle Chandler
HUNK - Sean Bean

Ingrid Hunnigan - Camilla Belle
Jack Krauser - Jai Courtney
James Marcus - Tom Hiddleton
Jill Valentine - Julia Voth

Jim Chapman - Brandon T. Jackson
Joseph Frost - Jacob Pitts
Josh Stone - Sterling K. Brown
Kenneth J. Sullivan - Morris Chestnut

Kevin Dooley - Ron Eldard
Kevin Ryman - Jason Ritter
Leon Kennedy - Matt Lanter
Lily Klein - Mackenzie Aladjem

Lott Klein - Liam James
Luis Sera - Gael García Bernal
Mark Wilkins - Avery Brooks
Marvin Branagh - Shemar Moore

Mikhail Victor - Oleg Taktarov
Morpheus D. Duvall - Matthew Goode
Murphy Seeker - Joe Anderson
Nicholai Ginovaef - Igor Jijikine

Osmund Saddler - Christopher Lambert
Ozwell E. Spencer - John Hurt
Ramon Salazar - Jordan Prentice
Rebecca Chambers - Emma Watson

Reynard Fisher - Armand Assante
Richard Aiken - Bryan Greenburg
Ricardo Irving - Allan Groves
Robert Kendo - Bruce Campbell

Rodrigo Juan Raval - Eddie Rouse
Sergei Vladimir - Dolph Lundgren
Sherry Birkin - Dana DeVestern
Sheva Alomar - Zoe Saldana

Steve Burnside - Logan Lerman
Tyrell Patrick - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Vincent Goldman - Luke Evans
William Birkin - Joseph Fiennes

Yoko Suzuki - Malese Jow
Elza Walker - Teresa Palmer
Kirk Mathison - Holt McMallany
Doug - Leon Robinson

Javier Hidalgo - Jordi Mollà
Manuella - Undecided
Crispin Jettingham - Nick Bateman
Lawrence Kimbala - Adrian Holmes

Caroline Floyd - Julia Jones
Marissa Ronson - Sasha Jackson
Sienna Fowler - Sarah Jones
Erez Morris - Gary Nicklens

Karen LesProux - Rhona Mitra
Vector - Kane Kosugi
Vladimir Bodrovski - Alex Kovas
Michaela Schneider - Heike Makatsch

Hector Hivers - Franky G
Christine Yamata - Dichen Lachman

(blank sections are for Revelation cast)

Milla Jovovich as Alice Abernathy. Former Umbrella employee, was working from with in the company to bring it down before Wesker found out her plan and tried to eliminate her on orders from Spencer. Left for dead, Alice recovered and joined forces with anyone willing to battle Umbrella

William Fichtner as Andrew Klein. Made up character akin to Jared Harris' Dr. Ashford character from RE:Apocalypse. The Klein family would have been who Alice tried to save in the second movie if I had my way, that way the Ashford family wouldn't have been tampered with.

Fassbender as Albert Wesker…

Routh as Chris Redfield…

Christian Bale as Albert Wesker…

Janet Montgomery as Jill Valentine…

Valentina Cervi as Excella Gionne…

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Claire Redfield (plus a shot of MEW with Brandon Routh, so its kind of like the Redfield siblings together)…

Colin Farrell as Billy Coen…
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You forgot Brad "chickenheart" Vickers!!!